Tueller: No veto on the Chinese agreement, but Washington worries about Beijing’s brutal economic practices

Obelisk - the event as it happened

01/14/2022 21:37

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Toler, said on Friday that his country wants to boost Iraq’s economic activity.   

 Tueller said in the January 14, 2022 interview, that “there is no veto on the Chinese agreement, and we do not seek to have a veto in achieving this agreement,” adding, “But successive US administrations have always expressed their great concern about the brutal and coercive Chinese economic practices. which do not follow international standards in integrity, transparency and credibility.  

Toller stressed, “His country hopes to see Iraq’s economy diversified and has normal bilateral trade relations of interest in accordance with international standards, and we encourage it, whether regional or international.”    

He continued, “We hope to proceed with the white paper and implement it fully by the next Iraqi government,” noting that “America will deal directly with the government to combat corruption, even though it is a very difficult matter.”


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