Nechirvan Barzani congratulates the New Year: There is a need to turn a new page and genuine participation in the management of Iraq

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Shafaq News/ The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani called on Friday to open a new page and learn from the mistakes of the past, stressing the need for true participation of all in managing the country.

This came in a statement on the occasion of the New Year, which was received by Shafak News Agency.

Barzani said, “I extend my congratulations to the people of Kurdistan, especially the families of the young martyrs, the heroic Peshmerga, the security forces, the youth and the Kurdish people abroad. Hope, security, stability and progress for humanity.

He added, “We spent in the Kurdistan Region, along with the rest of the world, two difficult years due to the Covid-19 epidemic and its repercussions. We continued to confront terrorism, and we witnessed painful events such as migration, the bad effects of climate change and floods. I sympathize and share the sorrows with the families of the martyrs and everyone who lost a loved one, and we remember them with appreciation. I thank the people of Kurdistan.” The one who withstood crises and problems and resisted them.

He continued, “Overcoming the difficulties and challenges, protecting the constitutional rights and gains and the federal entity of the Kurdistan Region, and achieving a better present and future for our people, requires unity and cohesion from all forces, parties and components of Kurdistan for work and joint responsibility.”

On the Iraqi level, Barzani called for “learning from the mistakes of the past. There is a need to open a new page, a realistic understanding and a serious will to solve problems, acceptance of the other and the real participation of all in the political process and managing the country on correct foundations that restore confidence, security and stability and provide a better life and living for all.” reassure them of their present and their future.

The President of the Region thanked the international coalition, the international community and the friends who supported us in confronting terrorism and helped us. There are common concepts and values that unite us and we will remain together. As always, we are ready for common tasks and responsibilities, and we will remain an active member of the international community and a factor of safety and stability in Iraq and the region, and it will be the Kurdistan Region The land of coexistence, tolerance and pluralism,” he said, looking forward “with hope and optimism to life, a new year and the future, and we congratulate everyone on the New Year, and may you live in happiness, progress and prosperity.”


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