Barzani calls for the formation of the Iraqi government: Components must not be marginalized in the governance process anymore

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Shafaq News/ The Kurdish leader, Massoud Barzani, called on Friday to expedite the formation of the new Iraqi government, especially after the approval of the Federal Supreme Court, the country’s highest judicial authority, on the results of the early legislative elections that took place on the tenth of last October, stressing the necessity of Not to marginalize any component in the governance process from now on.

This came in a message sent by Leader Barzani on the occasion of the New Year, in which he said: The Iraqi parliamentary elections that took place last October were good, and their results showed the will of the people. 

And he added: After the approval of the results by the Federal Court, the constitutional steps and contexts must be implemented to form the government and other institutions more quickly, and that achieving prosperity, providing services, rights and the desires of citizens for all components of Iraq should be among the priorities in the programs of the next government, within the framework of implementing the three principles of partnership and consensus and balance in governance, stressing that “Iraqi components should not be marginalized in the governance process anymore.”

The Kurdish leader said, “We emphasize once again the peaceful message and the principle of peaceful coexistence for the people of Kurdistan, and all parties must understand that Iraq and our region will not be able to tolerate more violence, terrorism, extremism and instability, and that the international community should have a supportive role to ensure peace, justice and security.” So that the peoples of the region and the innocent do not face more suffering and destruction.”


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