Just $5.00

Can you donate $5.00 to help keep Search4 Dinar open?-

We are happy to post articles about Iraq & its developing economy- Many viewers worldwide read articles on the site- we have been a free website that even the guru’s reference these articles.

So, start the new year right , help Search 4 Dinar remain a free site to get all the latest news on the Iraqi scene-

Just $5.00 can go a long way to help keep us open!

Here is the PayPal acct link-


HAPPY NEW & God Bless!!!


3 thoughts on “Just $5.00

  1. I wish I could…I’m sorry. I’m 83 years old and live in an old folks home…I live on ss and my rent here is more than I get from ss. I always have to get help from one or two of my children for my next months rent. The only luxury I have is they give me my meals here and they include my internet cost in my rent. If it helps any for you, please discontinue sending me the info about the dinar. I appreciate what you have sent so far, but I get most of the same news from other sources like Dinar Recaps and Dinar Detectives….if the RV doesn’t happen soon, I might not make it to my next birthday.

    Again, I’m very sorry I can’t give you any money toward your costs…I sure wish I could.

    God’s Blessings to you,

    Sylvia Fischer



    • Sylvia, God Bless you! You’re the reason why I’ve always kept my site free- I always just wanted to share information on this investment. I only ask for donations to those that can offer. Those that cannot, I am glad I can still provide the content free.
      God Bless all those that can share & those that can.
      Thanks for Bro g a follower & hopefully we can see the end of this ride.
      Happy New Year!!
      Walter: Ralph


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