Harb for Euphrates News: The Federal Court’s response to the appeals is an endorsement of the election results

  •  Time: 12/27/2021 14:09:31 
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Harb for Euphrates News: The Federal Court's response to the appeals is an endorsement of the election results

{Local: Al Furat News} Legal expert Tariq Harb said, on Monday, that the Federal Court’s response to the appeals is considered an endorsement of the election results. 

Harb said in a statement to {Euphrates News} that “the response of the Federal Court to appeals against the electoral results is considered an endorsement of the results.”

He explained: “The republican decree must be issued inviting the House of Representatives to hold its first session under the chairmanship of the oldest member.”

On Monday, the Federal Court dismissed the appeal submitted by Hadi al-Amiri, the leader of the “Al-Fateh” coalition, regarding the results of the legislative elections.

During the reading of the decision, the court stated that the political party has the right to appeal the council’s decision within 3 days of the official announcement, and that the Judicial Council has the exclusive authority to solve problems resulting from the elections.

The court’s decision also stated that complaints and appeals submitted to the Board of Commissioners are submitted to the Judicial Commission for Elections, and the results may not be appealed except to the Appeals Commission, which is the competent authority.

He added that the plaintiffs’ request to consider the technical procedures of the examining company goes beyond its competence.

The next parliament called for amending the election law and adopting a system of manual counting and sorting exclusively.

Accordingly, the Federal Court decided to respond to the lawsuit of the plaintiffs Hadi Farhan Abdullah – Al-Amiri – and Muhammad Jassem, and charged them with fees and expenses.

Raghad Daham



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