In detail.. the new coordination framework initiative to break the political blockage

  •  Time: 12/26/2021 19:24:13 
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In detail.. the new coordination framework initiative to break the political blockage

{Politics: Al Furat News} The coordination framework issued, on Sunday evening, a new initiative to break the political blockage. 

The coordination framework issues an initiative on getting out of the current crisis… 

The necessity of absorbing all the constitutional and legal challenges and complaints regarding the early results of the parliamentary elections by the concerned judicial authorities and supporting the legal tracks.

 The focus is not on the form and representation of the government, but rather on the government program that includes achieving effective sovereignty, fighting corruption and tackling unemployment.

 Finding solid mechanisms to address the crisis of raising the dollar exchange rate, activating agriculture and industry, encouraging investment and the private sector, and addressing the serious water crisis.

 Supporting legislation that addresses the basic problems of citizens, raises the economic level and preserves the cultural identity of the Iraqi people.

 Raising the level of combat capabilities of the armed forces of all kinds, including the army, the federal police, the anti-terrorism agency, the popular crowd and the Peshmerga, and supporting all the security services.

Addressing the parliamentary imbalance resulting from the imbalance in the election results by finding accurate treatments to ensure that laws or legislations are not enacted uniquely and the change based on them is not changed or invalidated to achieve true partnership in the state administration. We see the necessity of forming a political council


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