Al-Rafidain directs to resume work on Sunday to complete the distribution of salaries

local| 08:44 – 23/12/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, today, Thursday, Al-Rafidain Bank directed to resume working hours in some of its branches next Sunday to complete the distribution of employee salaries.
The bank’s media office said in a statement, “According to the directives of the Minister of Finance, it has been decided to resume working hours next Sunday.”
He added, “This includes the branches that have localization and are covered by the payment of salaries, in addition to some departments of the public administration.” Ended 29 / h


The Central Bank holds a seminar with banks


The Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Thursday, the establishment of a discussion forum on the initiative to finance renewable energy, with a value of one trillion dinars.And the Central Bank quoted, in a statement, the Deputy Governor, today (December 23, 2021), that “this initiative opened the door to developing the future of renewable energy in Iraq after coordination with the Ministries of Environment and Electricity.”The Central Bank of Iraq invited representatives of the concerned authorities in the two ministries, governmental and private banks, the Association of Banks and the beneficiaries of its initiative to attend the symposium and discuss the controls for expanding the use of electricity generation systems from renewable energy at the levels of domestic, commercial and industrial use, and financing it in installments for those wishing to benefit from it through an initiative approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors amounted to About a trillion dinars. It is worth mentioning that this initiative was launched under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq to alleviate the burden of energy shortage on the citizen, reduce carbon emission rates in the air and maintain a clean environment in Iraq.

Saleh and Al-Kazemi affirm the unity of the ranks and the launch towards national benefits

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Saleh and Al-Kazemi affirm the unity of the ranks and the launch towards national benefits

{Political: Al-Furat News} The Presidents of the Republic and the Ministers stressed, on Thursday, the alignment of the ranks and the move towards national benefits. 

And his media office stated in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that “the latter received at the Baghdad Palace, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and during the meeting, they discussed the general situation in the country and emphasized the protection and consolidation of stability, preserving the security and safety of citizens, and strengthening the authority of The state and the security services’ support in pursuing terrorist cells that seek to destabilize security and stability in some cities and close loopholes.”

The importance of solidarity, close national ranks, support dialogue and convergence in resolving outstanding issues, moving towards national benefits awaiting the country, focusing on citizens’ needs and improving living and service conditions

The two sides stressed “the importance of easing regional tensions, and the need to secure Iraq’s stability, sovereignty, and pivotal role in the region.”

Al-Tamimi to “Nass”: Iraq is awaiting action from the Security Council to get rid of the consequences of Kuwait’s debts

2021.12.23 – 13:16
Al-Tamimi to “Nass”: Iraq is awaiting action from the Security Council to get rid of the consequences of Kuwait’s debts

Baghdad – people  

Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi confirmed, on Thursday, that Iraq has fulfilled all the financial benefits that it accumulated as a result of the invasion of Kuwait, stressing that this matter has positive repercussions on the economy in the coming years.  

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Al-Tamimi said in an exclusive statement to “Nass” (December 23, 2021), that “Iraq was placed in Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations after entering Kuwait, according to UN Security Council Resolution 666 in 1990, and that this decision came after warnings, warnings and an economic siege imposed On Iraq, then international sanctions came to place it under Chapter VII, which means that Iraq’s character at the international level has become weak, so it is not permissible for it to contract and conclude import and export agreements.  

He added, “Iraq exited from Chapter VII in 2017 under Resolution No. 23/90 – but entered Chapter VI due to the presence of related matters with Kuwait worth 4 and a half billion dollars (compensations), and after it fulfilled these financial obligations, the Iraqi government and its representative at the United Nations must Notifying the Security Council in order for the Council to issue its decision that Iraq has completely completed Chapter VI and VII.  

The economic expert stressed, “This has economic repercussions on Iraq, because the money that was deducted from Iraqi oil exports will be part of the country’s financial reserves, and it may have positive effects on the economy in the coming years.”

The Cabinet Secretariat announces the birthday holiday of Jesus Christ {P}

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The Cabinet Secretariat announces the birthday holiday of Jesus Christ {P}

{Local: Al Furat News} The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced the suspension of official working hours on the occasion of the birth of Christ next Sunday. 

And a statement of the secretariat, which was received by Al-Furat News Agency, a copy of it, stated, “The Prime Minister directed, during the cabinet meeting in its regular session (last Tuesday), the suspension of official working hours for next Sunday in ministries and agencies not associated with the ministry and all state institutions, on the occasion of the birthday of Jesus Christ” p)”.