Explanation of ‘Outside the Box’ by Tariq Harb: There is no correlation between ratification of results and appeals!

2021.12.20 – 11:16
Explanation of 'Outside the Box' by Tariq Harb: There is no correlation between ratification of results and appeals!

Baghdad – people  

Legal expert Tariq Harb presented a new legal opinion, in which he spoke of a “lack of coexistence” between the Federal Court ratifying the final results of the elections on the one hand, and the continuation of appeals on the other hand, which means – according to previous assertions made by Harb – that the Federal Court You will certify the election results.  

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The legal expert said in a statement that “Nass” received a copy of it, that “there is no correlation or correlation between the approval of the electoral results by the Supreme Court and its consideration of the appeals against the electoral results submitted to it, so neither of them depends on the existence of the other, as there is no constitutional impediment to the court taking over The Supreme Court ratifies the electoral results, so that the winners of the electoral results hold the sessions of the new House of Representatives, and turn from winners to members of the House of Representatives in one way, and the Supreme Court continues to consider appeals and lawsuits filed before it regarding the electoral results, and to complete judicial investigations regarding appeals cases.  

He continued, “After completing the investigations, the court will issue its rulings regarding lawsuits and appeals, especially since the constitution, in Article 52, allowed challenging the validity of the membership of the deputies, not the winners before they obtained the status of deputies, as a number of deputies were dismissed in the previous electoral cycle because their membership was proven invalid despite From the approval of the Supreme Court on the electoral results, including the names of the members who were subsequently dismissed because their membership was invalid.  

He added, “The Supreme Court’s approval of the electoral results and the holding of the new House of Representatives for its sessions will facilitate the task of implementing the rulings issued by the Supreme Court with the presence of the House of Representatives, while the implementation of the court’s rulings is difficult to implement when there is no House of Representatives, if we know that the elections as a whole. From a commission, an election law, conducting them, dismissing members of parliament, and others, the constitution left it to the parliament, and so the ratification is not linked to the lawsuits.



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