Spokesperson for the Commander in Chief: Iraq paid sums of money to buy military radars from France

12/19/2021 21:17

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Yahya Rasoul, revealed, on Sunday, December 19, 2021, that the Ministry of Defense had contracted to purchase a military radar system from France.

Rasoul said in a televised statement, which was followed by the obelisk: We paid sums to buy French radars, and there was no American objection to the deal.

He pointed to the development of the Iraqi air force system in the development of a new fleet of aircraft, and there is interest in the matter from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

The Commander of the Air Defense Maan al-Saadi had said earlier that Iraq is negotiating to buy missile/artillery air defense battalions with a space communication system and is seeking to bring it from France and other countries, indicating that there is an effort to complete the networked Iraqi air defense system.

He added that the anti-aircraft, missile system (long, medium, short, thermal personnel missiles, guided and unguided artillery) to secure coverage of Iraq’s airspace, explaining that “the radar deal is Ground Master 400, which are French-made (long-range) radars with a value of approximately 100 million euros.

The Ground Master 400 radar is an advanced, multifunctional, long-range digital radar with a range of 470 km. The radar works with AESA technology and solid-state transmitters SSA in building the antenna and building architecture with kalium nitride Gan materials that were used in the construction of transmitting systems. This architecture allows to increase the power of Radar and anti-jamming are 30% higher than normal AESA radars, and this technology is considered an advanced technology in recent use.

The radar works at the Band-S frequency of the frequencies that are characterized by high accuracy in measuring the coordinates of the target, as the accuracy of the measurement of the range exceeds 200 meters with a measurement capacity of D3 and it has the ability to operate for 3500 hours continuously without the need for maintenance operations.



The US Embassy: We provided about $60 million to support Iraq in the fight against Corona

12/19/2021 18:30

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The US Embassy in Baghdad announced, on Sunday, December 19, 2021, the size of its donations to Iraq to support the fight against the Corona pandemic, during a memorial ceremony at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital complex, in memory of the victims of the fire that occurred last April. 

In a statement received by Al-Masala, the embassy said that the US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, attended a memorial service at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital complex, in memory of the victims of the tragic fire that occurred in April 2021. 

The statement added that since the fire, the agency’s Iraqi Society Resilience Initiative has participated The United States for International Development (USAID) is working with the American Medical Students Association-Iraq chapter to provide equipment and help rehabilitate facilities through a $560,000 grant from the US Agency for International Development.

The rehabilitation project is the latest in a series of initiatives launched by the United States to support Iraq in dealing with the Corona pandemic. According to the statement. 

And about the size of the sums provided by the embassy to Iraq since the beginning of the pandemic, she indicated that it is more than 60 million dollars to support Iraq to combat the Corona crisis. For example, we have supported the Iraqi people by contributing more than $4 million to help renovate and equip Iraqi public health laboratories. In August, the United States donated 500,000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine to Iraq.

The statement added that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will launch a program to support the Iraqi Ministry of Health’s response to the pandemic by supporting cadres and providing technical assistance.

She stressed that the United States is committed to its enduring partnership with Iraq, and we will continue to seek ways to deepen our cooperation in the field of health care and epidemic response, as well as other priority issues for the Iraqi people.


Al-Fateh accuses Al-Sadr: Postponing the meeting with the coordination is a means of pressure

12/19/2021 17:42

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Baghdad / Obelisk: The leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ahmed Al-Moussawi, said on Sunday, December 19, 2021, that it was the leader of the movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr, who requested the postponement of the scheduled meeting between him and the coordination framework until after the Federal Court ratified the results, considering that this postponement is a means of pressure. On the framework and the end is to make concessions.

Al-Moussawi added that the negotiations will be serious between the framework and the rest of the blocs after the approval of the election results or the issuance of another decision, and the dialogues that are taking place are for the sake of understandings and convergence of views.

He added that those who call for the majority are only the Sadrists, and in the event that they go to the blocs for dialogue outside the presence of the framework, they did not take the full share of the positions.

According to the analyzes, the leader of the Sadrist movement insists on the majority government, while the coordination framework also insists on continuing its legal and public steps with regard to following up on the issue of the election results.

The coordination framework, which includes most of the Shiite blocs with the exception of the Sadrist movement, seeks to form the largest bloc in order to form a government, in light of the Sadrist movement’s adherence to its right to form a government given that it obtained 73 seats in the elections.

The head of the Iraqi Consultative Council, Farhad Ala Al-Din, says that the political movement will escalate in the coming days after the approval of the results by the Federal Court, adding that this will push the Sadrist movement and the coordination framework to move quickly to attract the winning small forces with the aim of attracting the largest number of independents.

The current indications indicate that it is difficult to reach a clear agreement between the Shiite parties, and the evidence is the contradictory statements and statements.

The Sunni and Kurdish blocs are waiting for a unified Shiite position to negotiate with him on forming the next government.

The writer Alaa Al-Kinani believes that any Shiite-Shiite conflict that occurs will not be in the interest of the Iraqis, because it will lead to rivalries and loss of security.

Both the Sadrist movement and the coordination framework talk about their ability to form the next government and that they have reached advanced understandings with winning Kurdish and Sunni forces in the elections.


The Union and the Kurdistan Democratic Party agree to go to Baghdad with one bloc

political| 04:15 – 19/12/2021


Exclusive – Mawazine News The
two parties of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party met on Sunday in Sulaymaniyah today, Sunday.
In an interview with Mawazine News, former KDP deputy Mayada al-Najjar said that “the two parties agreed to unify their political vision and go to Baghdad with one Kurdish bloc.”
Al-Najjar indicated that “the meeting did not address the presidency or its candidate yet, and it is awaiting the approval of the election results.”
The meeting was chaired by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Bafel Talabani, and by Democrat Fadel Mirani. Ended 29 / h


Saleh: The Central Bank Has A Comfortable Reserve That Helps It Impose Stability In Exchange Rates

ECONOMIC12/19/2021 | 6:01 PM

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The economic expert and financial advisor to the government, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed today, Sunday, that the Central Bank currently possesses a comfortable cash reserve of foreign currencies, pointing out that there is a direct correlation between the current account surplus of the Iraqi balance of payments and the development of foreign reserves.

Saleh said in a statement to the “Information” agency, that “the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq has today, a strong foreign reserve tool that can maintain the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar and face inflationary expectations with a high capacity due to the surplus in the current account of the balance of payments.”

He added that “the Central Bank of Iraq’s dollar reserves can be exploited through the power of intervention to impose stability in the exchange market through open market operations exercised by the monetary authority to achieve the operational goals of monetary policy with ease and flexibility.”

He pointed out that “there is a positive indicator of the accumulation of the foreign reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq during the year 2021 with a change in the direction of increase by more than 20% compared to the levels of the year 2020. .

And the Central Bank of Iraq revealed, earlier, the rise in the Iraqi hard currency reserves to 64 billion dollars.

International reserves, or foreign exchange reserves – deposits and bonds of foreign currencies held by central banks and monetary authorities – are important to support the currency and pay debts owed by the state.

The Sadrist movement is gaining the “support” of “many” political parties to form a majority government

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Shafaq News/ The Sadrist movement, the leadership of Muqtada al-Sadr, affirmed on Sunday that it is committed to forming a government of the political majority because it is the only option to “save” the country, indicating that there is great political support for this trend.

The leader in the movement, Riyadh Al-Masoudi, told Shafaq News Agency, “The Sadrist movement is Egypt and is determined to form a majority government, as it is the only option to save Iraq from all its crises and problems that it has been suffering from for many years.”

And he indicated that “there are many political parties that support the choice of the majority government, and that is why it will be within the coalition of the largest bloc after the approval of the Federal Court on the results of the early parliamentary elections.”

Yesterday, Saturday, Kata Al-Rikabi, a leader in the State of Law coalition, one of the most prominent parties to the Shiite coordination framework, which includes the blocs rejecting the election results, revealed the framework leadership’s move to form an alliance and agree on the formula for selecting candidates for the three presidencies.

Al-Rikabi told Shafaq News Agency, “There is a higher committee composed of all parties to the coordination framework whose mission is to meet the political forces, including the Alliance of Azm and Progress and the Kurdish parties.”

He added that “one of the tasks of the Supreme Committee in the coordinating framework is to meet with the leadership of the Sadrist movement as well,” noting that “the meetings began with a meeting of determination and will meet with progress and the Kurdish parties and the Sadrist movement during the coming period.”

Al-Rikabi explained, “The meetings are a prelude to the formation of a political alliance after the Federal Court’s decision and the approval of the election results.”