An advisor to Al-Kazemi bets the improvement in the value of the dinar on several conditions

June 25, 2021    

Poltech Press

Mazhar Muhammad Salih, Advisor to the Federal Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, mortgaged the improvement of the value of the dinar with several conditions that must be met and met.

Mazhar Muhammad Salih said that the improvement in the value of the Iraqi dinar is related to the ability of the economy to grow if significant growth is achieved in the economy and not rent growth, pointing out that expectations indicate a current growth of 2.5%, and this growth parallels the growth of the real population.

He added, that this needs the right development, reducing unemployment, increasing job opportunities, and flourishing investment projects, which encourage and generate income that compensates for oil, and gives sustainability in returns and sustainability with the strength of the economy.

He also showed that there are two important matters, the first is monetary policy that maintains the stability of the exchange rate and creates a stable environment for a long period, and the second is to support investment projects for development and growth, because without growth the situation will be bad.

مستشار للكاظمي يرهن تحسن قيمة الدينار بعدة شروط


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