Government advisor: The white paper is closer to an economic constitution

political| 07:28 – 12/15/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine Yanouz,
the financial advisor to the Prime Minister Mazhar Saleh, on Wednesday, identified the importance of the white paper and its reflection on the economic reality in the country, while noting that the paper is closer to an economic constitution.
“The white paper is a dual reform project that seeks to achieve the country’s financial sustainability with the ability to be economically sustainable in an integrated manner,” Saleh told the official news agency.
He added, “The importance of this paper, which works in the long term, has established in the short period an ideology that was confused in the economic society.”
He pointed out that “the white paper requires patience, determination and will to build the country’s future in stability and development, and it is closer to an economic constitution.”
Saleh added, “The paper achieved something clear last year from adopting a road map towards the broader reform path, and this is what we can expect to adopt in maintaining and consolidating Iraq’s economic future without retreat.”
He noted that “the white paper is an indicator of the progress of the economy and the consolidation of the economic life of Iraq, and it is the economic constitution on which any upcoming government curriculum will inevitably be based.”
Saleh concluded: “We evaluate the successes and failures of implementing the white paper in its first year, in order to amend the course or delete or add important procedural issues to optimize the implementation of the reform paper.” Ended 29/R7


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