Oil: Iraq seeks to increase its production to 8 million barrels per day


Economy News _ Baghdad

On Sunday, Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar revealed that his ministry is seeking to increase oil production to reach 8 million barrels of oil.

At the inauguration of the project to isolate gas and upgrade crude specifications in the Bazarkan oil fields in Maysan, Abdul-Jabbar said that his ministry is working to increase the quantities of gas produced from the oil fields and planning to increase production to 8 million barrels per day, while increasing the production of gas quantities in the oil fields. 

He pointed out that all the programs and plans implemented by the oil sector companies aim to achieve two goals: the first is to reach the planned increases of crude oil within the coming years, and the second is to invest all the quantities of gas produced in all fields, to achieve stability in the provision of gas supplies for the production of electric power and all associated industries.

For his part, the Director General of Maysan Oil Company, Ali Jassim, said during a press interview that the new projects are a series of projects implemented by his company in cooperation with international companies and contracting companies, with the aim of increasing production capacity and improving the quality of oils extracted from the ground.



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