Al-Kazemi: We will witness the withdrawal of the combat forces of the coalition in a few days, and Iraq is recovering

politicsIraqMustafa Al-Kazemi 2021-12-11 15:04A-AA+

Shafaq News/ Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed, on Saturday, that Iraq will witness the withdrawal of combat forces of the international coalition within days, indicating that Iraq is recovering.

Al-Kazemi said in a speech on the occasion of the centenary of the modern Iraqi state, followed by Shafak News Agency, “It does not mean that Iraq a hundred years ago from today was not a state. And the first policeman whose job was to protect the people, and the first regular soldier who defended the borders and sacrificed himself.”

He added, “Here… on the land that is guarded by the souls of your fathers and grandfathers, it was the first economic organization that preserved rights, property, buying and selling, and the first punishment for transgressors of people’s rights.” 

He explained, “The Iraqis’ awareness of all this legacy is their responsibility that has been passed down by generations and has reached us, and we will pass it on to our future generations to tell them with clarity and frankness befitting the modern technology era: (Here is Iraq… here is the state. We have no choice as Iraqis but to defend it, preserve its history and prevent manipulating their capabilities).

Al-Kazemi continued, “It is time for us to look at our state objectively, to be proud of its achievements, to admit its mistakes, and to move forward, armed with our heritage and the capabilities of our people, to be side by side with all successful countries.” 

He stressed that “Iraq recovers its full health, its wounds heal successively, and rises from its setbacks to occupy its place by the self-will of its people. Our neighbors, our brothers and the world interact with your will and listen to the voice of Iraq emanating from your depths. You are the people of Iraq and the decision-makers in it, and you are the state.” 

Al-Kazemi said, “In a few days, we will witness the withdrawal of all combat forces of the international coalition from Iraq within the scope of the strategic agreement with the American side, and its role will be in the areas of advice, as an indication of the ability of the Iraqi forces of all kinds to preserve Iraq’s security, stability of its people, and its continuous development in this field.” 

He added, “Amidst the political disputes and jurisprudence that emerged from the recent elections, everyone must be reassured… We will not allow your security and stability to be harmed,” noting that “despite all the differences, the political forces, the new currents, the independents, and the elites are the sons of this country and they are keen on it and its security.” 

The Prime Minister pointed out that “the difference in views and orientations is fading in front of everyone’s belief that Iraq is our umbrella and our home, and that tampering with it and its future is a red line.” 

He continued, “On a personal level, I highly appreciate every sympathy and message of reassurance and solidarity that I received after the terrorist attack that targeted me weeks ago… I say in this regard: My life is not more precious than the life of any Iraqi throughout the country, but it is the path of the state that we worship together with a pure and pure Iraqi will, And for his sake every difficult thing is facilitated, and our souls are eased before his greatness.”


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