The international coalition announces the date for the exit of all its combat forces from Iraq – urgent

512 Policy  12/09/2021 13:45 
Baghdad today – Baghdad
Today, Thursday, the international coalition led by the United States of America announced the date for the exit of all its combat forces from Iraq.
And the Security Media Cell stated, in a statement received (Baghdad Today), that “National Security Adviser Qassem Al-Araji, received in Baghdad a meeting between the Iraqi Military Technical Committee headed by the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations Lieutenant-General Abdul Amir Al-Shamri and its counterpart in the coalition forces headed by the Commander of the Al-Azm Operations Forces.” Steel in Iraq Major General John Brennan (USA), and in the presence of his deputy, Brigadier General Karl Harris (UK), Director of the Interagency and Civil Environment Department, Brigadier General Vincent Coste (France), and Director of the Office of Security Cooperation at the US Embassy, ​​Brigadier General Keith Phillips. The meeting was also attended by Commander The NATO Mission in Iraq, Lieutenant-General Michael Lullsgaard (Denmark).

The statement added: “The deputy chief of staff of the Iraqi army, the commanders of weapons (land – air – air defense – army aviation – the navy), the director of military intelligence and the representative of the Ministry of Peshmerga, who presented a list arranged in order of priorities for institutional cooperation that the Iraqi security forces, the coalition and the NATO mission are planning, also attended. NATO to jointly focus on it over the next 24 months.

 He pointed out that “Major General John Brennan offered that, in light of the recent transfers of personnel and equipment outside Iraq, the coalition will complete the process of moving to non-combat missions before the end of this year, according to what was agreed upon.”

Al-Araji stressed, “Cooperation will continue between the Iraqi forces and the international coalition in terms of advice, assistance and empowerment, and he congratulated the assembled parties on the near completion of the transition process earlier than planned, and in accordance with the principles of the strategic dialogue.”

The parties participating in the meeting affirmed their “mutual commitment to continuous cooperation”, clearly defining “how the coalition will continue to support the operations led by the Iraqi security forces.”

In addition, the joint operations commands and the international coalition discussed the lessons learned from the recent successful operations against ISIS.
And he continued: “Finally, the meeting discussed ways in which the Iraqi security forces can coordinate and focus the support provided by the coalition forces and the NATO mission to develop the institutional and operational capabilities of the Iraqi security forces.”

According to the statement, the assembled parties reiterated: “The members of the international coalition will be present at the invitation of the Iraqi government to provide advice, assistance and empowerment to the Iraqi forces in achieving their goals to protect the Iraqi people and eliminate ISIS, and that their presence will be exclusively in accordance with Iraqi sovereignty and international laws and norms. The Iraqi government reiterated its commitment to protect members of the international coalition and the NATO mission in Iraq . ”

The gathered parties also reaffirmed their “plan to re-evaluate the progress made in this relationship on a quarterly basis, and within the framework of the Iraqi Security Coordination Group.”


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