United Nations: We have cooperation with the Iraqi government to reduce violence against women

local| 02:10 – 08/12/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ebrina Vojkova, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the Corona pandemic showed the continuation of violence against women, while indicating cooperation with the Iraqi government to reduce it.
Vojkova said in a recorded speech during the (Talk s’Let) conference to advocate and support women and prevent violence against them, that “the United Nations provides women a special place and stresses the need for equality and gender,” noting that “the latest available statistics indicated that all One in three 50-year-old women has had at least one experience of gender-based violence.
She stated, “
She noted that “today’s conference has a distinguished presence from various segments of society from the government, civil society, media and the private sector in order to talk to lay the foundations for ending violence and looking at changes,” calling for “discussing gender-based violence in various fields, investments and others, and this falls into reducing poverty and public policy making.
She added, “The liberation from violence will liberate women and girls in order to contribute to society to play an important role and support them to achieve economic independence and build a professional life for them,” stressing “the need to combat all kinds of violence against women, and all this by supporting United Nations Council Resolution 1325, which It supports political participation and protects women and girls from gender-based violence.
And she added, “The United Nations continues to work with the government of Iraq, the Kurdistan region and civil society,” noting that “the international community will be a partner to ensure that women in Iraq go through a transitional phase.”

She concluded, “This conference represents an opportunity to emphasize efforts, deliver voice, and raise awareness of the danger of violence, and we ensure that each of us has a contribution to society to ensure a safe society.” Ended 29 / h



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