Final election results are awaiting ratification and identification of aspects of challenge

political| 03:28 – 07/12/2021


Special – Mawazine News, a
member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee in the former parliament, Salim Hamza, has determined, on Tuesday, the right of the Independent High Electoral Commission to appeal the Federal Court’s decision in this case.
In an interview with Mawazine News, Hamzah said, “The Federal Court has set 15 days to resolve disputes and appeals regarding the election results, and they will be resolved in the middle of this month,” stressing that “after the Federal Court’s approval of the results, no one has the right to challenge the election results, and the appeal is to the High Commission.” The Independent Elections Commission only if it finds that there are unfair decisions against it.”
He pointed out that “from a legal point of view, the Federal Court does not have the right to re-count and hand count unless it detects major violations or violations of the constitution. It has the right to reject the election results and not to ratify them.” Ended 29 / h

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