Next week..a critical meeting to determine the rail link point between Iraq and Europe

political| 07:22 – 05/12/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The General Company for Railways announced, today, Sunday, its procedures for linking with Europe, while clarifying the details of the five-year plan.
The Director General of the Iraq Railways Company, Talib Jawad Al-Husseini, said that “the railways suffered great damage, especially in the liberated areas, from ISIS terrorist gangs.”
He explained, “The efforts of the engineering and technical staff restored the 66 km Baghdad-Fallujah line, as well as high coordination with the Governor of Anbar to rehabilitate the destroyed bridges, where the completion rate reached 70 percent, in addition to rehabilitating the Baghdad-Bayji line for the purpose of transporting oil derivatives from a refinery.” The steadfastness in Baiji, and the work included the Qayyarah refinery and Hammam Al-Alil,” noting that “the railways began constructing alternative railways at a temporary station after the Mosul train station was completely destroyed,” noting that “the line is currently ready for the movement of goods trains.”
He added, “There is high coordination with the Ministry of Transport assigning an international company after obtaining the approval of the Council of Ministers to study and prepare designs for the development of the railway network.”
And he indicated, “The railways are serious about the step of rail linking with Europe through Turkey, and there is a meeting at the end of this month with the Turkish technical and engineering staff, in addition to the staff of the Kurdistan region, for the purpose of determining the connection point with Turkey,” explaining that “this project comes in conjunction with the start of establishing a port. Big Faw”.
He added, “The General Company for Railways recently imported 210 out of 250 tankers for the purpose of putting them into service to transport oil derivatives,” calling on “the Ministry of Oil to encourage national transportation on the railways and conclude contracts for the transportation of oil derivatives.”
He pointed out that “the five-year plan for railways is subject to obtaining financial allocations, and includes the implementation of the suspension train project that connects Rusafa with Karkh, with a length of 22 km, as well as the Karbala – Musayyib – Najaf – Samawah project, the arc line, which aims to transport passengers’ goods within the middle Euphrates and append it.” In the south, center and north, as well as the suspended train project between the governorates of Najaf and Karbala, for transporting passengers.

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