The Shiite framework rejects the final results “categorically”

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Shafaq News/ The coordination framework that includes the majority of prominent Shiite forces with the exception of the Sadrist movement expressed, on Tuesday, its rejection of the final results of the early parliamentary elections that took place last October 10.

The coordination framework said in a statement received by Shafak News Agency, “We categorically reject the results of the current elections, as it has become clear and beyond any doubt that the Electoral Commission has prepared the election results in advance at the expense of the will of the Iraqi people.”

He pointed out that “the Electoral Commission and the judiciary did not deal seriously with the appeals file and in accordance with the applicable legal contexts,” noting that “the evidence presented by the political forces and proven by the Commission’s blunders was sufficient to move towards the comprehensive manual counting and sorting or to make a clear change in the polling results, at the very least.” For example, the commission’s contradiction with the file of conformity rates, once it talks about changes in the percentages, and then goes back to confirming the existence of 100% conformity.”

He added that “the Commission’s confusion and contradiction in the statements and voting procedures have confirmed doubts and in many files such as invalid votes, canceling stations and identical fingerprints, as well as the observations of local and international observers.” 

The framework pointed out that “the most prominent evidence of the selectiveness of the electoral judiciary is its acceptance of a specific number despite the conformity of all the rejected appeals with the criteria, which generates suspicion that there is no fair application of the conditions or is subject to internal and external political pressures, as well as its taking decisive and binding decisions with the victory of one of the candidates and then Retracting it confirms and reinforces our suspicions.”

The framework said, “We renew our firm position based on evidence and documents that there is a major tampering in the poll results, which calls us to reject the current results and to continue the lawsuit filed before the Federal Court to cancel the elections, while we hope the court will stay away from political influences and deal objectively, impartially and fair to the Iraqi masses and save their voices from being lost. “.

Earlier on Tuesday, the commission announced the final results of the elections, as the Sadrist bloc topped the results by obtaining 73 seats, while the “Progress” coalition led by Muhammad al-Halbousi won 37 seats, and the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki won 33 seats.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party won 31 seats, while the Al-Fateh Alliance led by the Secretary-General of Badr Organization Hadi al-Amiri and the Kurdistan Alliance won 17 seats.

The “Azm” alliance won 14 seats, the Extension Alliance won 9 seats, and the New Generation Movement got 9 seats, while the “Canon Sunrise” got 5 seats, the National Contract got 4 seats, the state forces also got 4, and the masses of our identity got 3 seats. The Hasm Movement for Reform also has three seats, the Iraq Turkmen Front has one seat, while 16 political parties won one seat each, in addition to the independents winning 43 seats.


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