The Commission: The results of the investigations into the appeals will be sent tomorrow.. and the date of settlement is near

2021.11.27 – 20:48
The Commission: The results of the investigations into the appeals will be sent tomorrow.. and the date of settlement is near

Baghdad – people  

The Electoral Commission announced, on Saturday, that the results of the investigations regarding 15 appeals against which a decision was issued to recount and count electoral stations, will be sent to the judiciary tomorrow, while indicating that the results will be announced two days after the resolution of those appeals in the commission.  

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Imad Jamil Mohsen, a member of the media team in the Electoral Commission, said in a statement to the official channel, followed by “Nass” (November 27, 2021), that “the appeals that were procedurally overturned and the stations covered by them were investigated, will reach the judicial authority and the latter tomorrow, and after another arrival.” An appeal, a period of 10 days for consideration, and it determines the days you need, whether it is a day, two days, or ten days.”  

He added, “After that, when the judicial authority’s decision is issued, the commission informs that it has completed the appeals file, and after two days or less, the commission announces the names of the election winners.”  

He added, “There will be no recommendations yet, and new stations have been sorted, because the file of appeals and consideration by the judiciary has ended. We are now waiting for it to consider the last 15 appeals and inform the Commission of its decision.”  

He stressed that “as soon as the judiciary ends the consideration of the appeals, its work will end, and then the Commission will announce the results and submit them to the Federal Court for approval.”  

He pointed out that “there is a complaint filed by the brothers who object to the results before the Federal Court and it is considering it, and the decision is for the court and it will be sent to the Commission Council, and it will answer its inquiries about the complaint and the court is the one who issues the decision.”


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