International expert: Fears of the return of Chapter VII to Iraq..and explains the reasons

  •  Time: 11/24/2021 23:40:31 
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International expert: Fears of the return of Chapter VII to Iraq..and explains the reasons

{Politics: Al Furat News} The expert in international relations, Kato Saadallah, expressed his fears of the return of Chapter VII to Iraq as a result of the current crisis. 

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Saadallah said; The program “State Dialogue” broadcast by Al-Furat satellite channel tonight, said: “The Security Council blessed, according to the report of the committee it formed at the request of the government and political blocs, and the appeals and objections submitted to the judiciary will not change the course of the electoral results.”
He added, “The Sadrist movement wants to go to the national majority, but it is not easy for the big powers to respond to this matter.”
Saadallah added, “The new government will not be formed as it was formed in previous times. From an international point of view, the United States and Iran are both parties to the elections. What happened is that America has not succeeded in the last 18 years in forming a government that is satisfactory to all and the people, and it is time for an Iraqi government to be formed outside the two parties of satisfaction.”
He pointed out that “the problem is not with the personality of the candidate for prime minister, but with the coordination framework, and the first Sadrist movement wants a consensus president and the other wants it by the majority.”
And Saadallah said, “Iraq links it with countries with common interests, and it is not possible to proceed alone, and the burden must be placed on one side to bear the responsibility of the new government and the international community rejects the instability of Iraq.”
“We fear the return of Chapter VII to Iraq, and the countries have openly declared their rejection of the threats,” he stressed.
Saadallah concluded, by saying, “There is a clear agreement to withdraw all foreign combat forces from Iraq, but not a complete withdrawal according to the request of the Iraqi government, and what remains are highly-certified advisers to give intelligence advice, and American forces will be tasked with protecting them and American interests.”

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