Article 140.. Recommendations to be implemented in Kirkuk are frozen and the return of the seizure of Kurdish lands

politicsKirkukArticle 140 2021-11-19 09:22A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The former representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Kirkuk, Jamal Muhammad Shakur, demanded on Friday, the implementation of the recommendations of the governmental and international committees to erase the policies and effects of the former regime and normalize their conditions in accordance with Article 140 and national entitlements.

Shakur told Shafak News Agency; A governmental committee formed in 2019 with the membership of representatives from the Prime Minister, the Republic and several ministries concerned, Kirkuk’s representatives from all Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen components completed its work with unified recommendations in accordance with Article 140 of the Constitution, but the recommendations are still frozen and not implemented despite the aggravation of problems and conflicts in Kirkuk.

Shakur continued; “The recommendations included solutions to land disputes and property entitlements between the components of Kirkuk and erasing the effects of the policies of the former regime, but the government has not implemented them so far, despite the return of the problems of seizing Kurdish lands again and violating judicial decisions regarding them.”

He pointed out that “the recommendations developed solutions to the disputes between the components regarding property and lands, and solutions to the Arab-Arab conflicts, with an agreement between all members of the committee from government agencies and the local government in Kirkuk.”

Shakur stressed that “a second committee was formed with the membership of the United Nations, the concerned parties and the components of Kirkuk, which included solutions and recommendations for land problems, security and administrative balance and other problems, but the recommendations have not been fully implemented so far for unknown reasons.”

Kirkuk governorate is witnessing national problems in several agricultural areas after 2017, the return of Arabization policies and the seizure of land by the expatriate population inhabited by the former regime at the expense of the Kurds and Turkmen, in addition to the problems of national marginalization of the Kurdish component in particular.

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