The Iraqi Stock Exchange participates in the activities of the European Union – Asia

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Economy News – Baghdad 
The General Secretariat of the Federation of Eurasian Exchanges organized, on 11-12/11/2021, various events in which the Iraq Stock Exchange participated.

The market participated in the meeting of the Board of Directors of the member stock exchanges, including the Iraq Stock Exchange, which was elected in June 2021. Also, in the meeting of the General Assembly of the Federation of Eurasian Exchanges (FEAS), in which the Iraqi Stock Exchange acquired its membership in May 2005.

In addition, the market participated in the Capital Markets Talks conference, in which the Securities Commission represented by its Chairman Faisal Al-Haymes participated, in addition to the Ministers of Economy and Finance in the State of Armenia and a number of chairmen of the boards of directors of the financial markets and the Iraq Stock Exchange represented by the expert Taha Ahmed Abdel Salam, Executive Director of the market And the participation of the Chairman of the Board of Governors and a number of members of the Board of Governors.

In an intervention during the conference, the Chairman of the Securities Commission Faisal Al-Haymes presented the commission’s vision and the role of the stock market in developing the economy through the development of the establishment of joint stock companies and their inclusion in the Iraqi Stock Exchange.

He proposed the nomination of the Iraqi Stock Exchange to the membership of the Business Committee / Committee to Study the Development of the Brokerage Companies Members of the Federation and their role in marketing investment in securities, along with the Muscat Market and the Armenia Stock Exchange, and the approval of the members was obtained.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Iraq Stock Exchange, Taha Ahmed Abdel Salam, participated in the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Federation and in the General Assembly of the Federation, and among the most important plans proposed to the Federation and the financial markets is to nominate the topics required for case studies to universities, in addition to supporting letters and theses through Capital markets journal proposed to be organized as of 2022.

The meetings and the conference concluded by setting the vision of the Federation and the financial markets for the years 2022-2024, including the proposed development plans.

The stock exchanges in Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Iran, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Syria, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan and Union guests from other markets participated in the meetings and conference, along with the participants via the Zoom application.


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