Expectations of financial abundance and the disappearance of the deficit in 2022

  •  Time: 11/14/2021 22:54:24 
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Expectations of financial abundance and the disappearance of the deficit in 2022

{Economic: Al Furat News} A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee in the former parliament, Sherwan Mirza, expected a financial abundance in the 2022 financial budget due to the rise in oil prices. 

Mirza told {Euphrates News}: “There is a financial abundance that has been achieved and the possibility of improving the economic situation due to the increase in oil prices.”
He added, “So far, Iraq has not resorted to borrowing, whether external or internal, and it is at the end of the year.”
Mirza pointed out that “there is full financial coverage, meaning there is no financial deficit until now.”
He continued, “The government has fulfilled its full financial obligations towards the citizens, and there are expectations that the price of a barrel of oil will stabilize at the rate of 80 dollars.”

Raghad Daham

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