An economist talks about the government’s possibility of returning the dollar to the old price

2,668 Economie 10/11/2021 20:21 ak  
Baghdad today – Baghdad

, the economic expert, Durgham Muhammad, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the Iraqi government can return the price of the dollar to the old price to address the rise in prices in the markets.
And Muhammad said in a statement to (Baghdad Today), that “the government is able to restore the price of the dollar, provided that there is direct control by the Central Bank of sales operations and the increase of dollar sales outlets in the local market and directly to the citizen and not through the banks that monopolize the dollar and create a market for it. It also controls its price in the market.
He added, “Increasing the price of the dollar is an improvisational decision by some political blocs and the Minister of Finance, who did not rely on raising it gradually, but rather in a sudden manner, as it led to a rise in inflation and an increase in the poverty rate in the country.”
And Muhammad added, “The current finance minister bears the responsibility for raising the price of the dollar and its negative consequences for the economy, as he has not achieved any economic development goal for the country at all.”


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