The Commission announces the end of the manual counting and sorting of appeals appendices

political| 08:07 – 07/11/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Independent High Electoral Commission announced today, Sunday, the end of the manual counting of the appeals appendices, while determining the mechanism for ratifying the names of the winners and holding the first session of the new parliament.
Imad Jamil, a member of the media of the Commission, said, “The counting and sorting of appeals supplements and their verification ended today, Sunday, by counting and sorting more than 500 stations in Basra Governorate,” noting that “the appeals will be submitted to the judicial authority for consideration, and the commission may return part of the appeals for inquiries.” legal or other manual counting process.
He added, “We are waiting for the judiciary. If the results are approved, the commission will announce the final names of the candidates winning parliament seats,” noting that “the deadline for presenting the final results is not subject to a specific date and continues until the end of the appeals.”
He stressed that “the commission will file the appeals and the matter with the judiciary tomorrow, Monday,” noting that “after approving the names, the President of the Republic invites the House of Representatives to hold its first session within 15 days.”
He continued, “The judiciary can decide, through some appeals, to open stations, because the commission’s decisions are considered binding on the commission.” Ended

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