Iraq and the United States hold a new round of negotiations to withdraw combat forces and announce important numbers

  •  Time: 04/11/2021 12:08:47 
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Iraq and the United States hold a new round of negotiations to withdraw combat forces and announce important numbers

On Thursday, November 4, in Baghdad, the National Security Adviser, Mr. Qassem Al-Araji, hosted a meeting between the Iraqi Military Technical Committee headed by the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Abdul-Amir Al-Shammari, and its counterpart in the coalition forces, headed by the Commander of the Inherent Resolve Operations Forces in Iraq, Major General John Brennan, and in the presence of His deputy is Brigadier General Richard Bell (UK) and Director of Interagency and Civil Environment, Brigadier General Vincent Coste (France).
As part of the security technical talks, discussions continued on plans that would reach the stage where there are no international coalition forces operating in Iraq in a combat role.
The assistant chief of staff of the Iraqi army, the commanders of weapons (land – air – air defense – army aviation – the naval force), the director of military intelligence and the representative of the Ministry of Peshmerga, who gave a summary of their operations and plans to work with the coalition forces after moving to the role of advice, assistance and empowerment, also attended.
The parties referred to the process of evacuating more than 2,100 shipments of military equipment from Iraq, within the framework of the continuous transition of the security relationship with the coalition forces to an advisory and non-combat role.
The parties also reaffirmed their commitment to the ongoing partnership between the Iraqi security forces and the coalition, and clearly defined how the coalition will continue to support the Iraqi security forces through its role in advice, assistance and empowerment, and agreed to re-evaluate progress in their relationship on a quarterly basis.
The parties also referred to the successful transfer of ownership of equipment to the Iraqi side during the past months, which included more than 1,800 armed armored wheels, cranes, water tanks and other vehicles, which contributed to increasing the mobility of the Iraqi security forces and enabling them to protect Iraqi citizens from ISIS. The Iraqi government has reaffirmed its commitment to protect members of the International Coalition who provide advice, assistance and empowerment to the Iraqi Security Forces. Coalition members are present at the invitation of Iraq, in accordance with Iraqi sovereignty and international laws and norms.
The parties also agreed to continue holding their regular sessions through future meetings with the Iraqi Security Coordination Group for the purpose of completing the discussion of the remaining steps to complete the transition of the coalition forces to the non-combat role by the time specified for it at the end of this year.


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