America describes its relationship with the Kurdistan Region as a strategic partnership

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Shafaq News/ On Monday, the United States of America described its relationship with the Kurdistan Region as a strategic partnership, and a catalyst for stability in Iraq and the region.

This came during the reception of the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, to the US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller and the accompanying delegation in Erbil.

During the meeting, the US ambassador congratulated the success of the Iraqi parliamentary elections and the victory of the Kurdistan Democratic Party candidates, expressing at the same time his hope that these elections would become a reason for consolidating stability and correcting the political process in Iraq.

The US ambassador stressed that his country’s partnership with the Kurdistan Region is a strategic and a catalyst for stability in Iraq and the region.

According to a statement by Barzani’s office, the two sides discussed the views on the post-election phase and the formation of the Iraqi government, and it was stressed the need to observe the principles of true partnership.

During the meeting, they discussed the situation in Syria and the terrorist threats throughout Iraq.


The disagreement of Al-Hakim and Al-Abadi “splinters” the coordination framework and Najaf “prevents” the return of Al-Maliki with a “message”

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Shafaq News/ The sharpness of the dispute between the leader of the Wisdom Movement Ammar al-Hakim and former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi caused them not to attend the meeting of the coordination framework, at a time when sources from within the Shiite (coordinating framework) denied the news that spoke about the latter’s rift over the division of its parties between a supporter of restoring confidence in the Prime Minister Former Nuri al-Maliki to form the next government, and others reject it.

And the leaks talked about the cracking of the coordination framework due to the lack of everyone’s support to restore confidence in former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to return again to the premiership.

The source explained in an interview with Shafak News Agency; “The meeting of the forces and blocs rejecting the election results, which was held in al-Maliki’s office, was attended by all parties skeptical of the preliminary results announced by the commission, except for the National Forces Alliance led by Ammar al-Hakim.” and between the source; The reasons for not attending (Al-Hakim and Al-Abadi) are due to the existence of a dispute between them over the mechanism for distributing the candidates of both lists, which caused the loss or scattering of the votes of their voters.

The source indicated; He pointed out that “the absence of one or two parties from the meeting, which came out with expected recommendations, does not affect and does not give negative messages about the unity of the coordinating framework.”

On the possibility of al-Maliki’s return to power, the source revealed that “all political forces and parties have received an important message from (Najaf) that no party can form the next government alone, just as it is not possible for those who were in power to return again under any circumstances, meaning that they were cut off. The way is on the promoters or those seeking to restore confidence in the heads of previous governments.”

The source added; “The actors or parties that control the political scene in Iraq are still holding the threads of the movements of the future scene, and any talk outside that context is not applicable on the ground, referring to the difficulty of the Sadrists forming the government without the approval of (America and Iran).”

The Association of Banks announces the volume of loans provided to the projects of the Central Bank’s initiative

2021.10.25 – 13:18
The Association of Banks announces the volume of loans provided to the projects of the Central Bank's initiative

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The Association of Private Banks announced, on Monday, granting loans worth 747.3 billion dinars to 8,612 projects.  

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The Executive Director of the Association, Ali Tariq, said in a statement that “Nas” received a copy of it (October 25, 2021), that “the Central Bank of Iraq launched a lending initiative worth one trillion dinars to support the economy and projects of all kinds,” noting that “44 private banks participated in the initiative.” “.  

He added that “banks loaned 8,612 projects worth 747.3 billion dinars and contributed to creating thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities, in addition to lending them to hundreds of citizens to buy housing units.”  

Tariq pointed out that “the Central Bank’s one trillion initiative supported the various industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential and other sectors, and led to contributing to improving the situation of the local industry and obtaining a market share in light of the sweeping of imported products.”  

And he indicated that “women have obtained a good percentage of loans in light of the general trend of the Central Bank, to empower Iraqi women and motivate them to integrate into the labor market and establish private businesses.”  

He pointed out that “the monetary policy represented by the Central Bank has supported small and medium businesses, because they constitute about 90% of the total companies in most economies of the world and provide the largest percentage of job opportunities, and that the doors of banks are still open for those wishing to obtain loans to support their economic projects, which start from one million dollars.” dinars to more than one billion and very easy interest.