UNHCR: 300 stations will be opened for manual counting and sorting

2021.10.24 – 18:59
UNHCR: 300 stations will be opened for manual counting and sorting

Baghdad – people  

The Independent High Electoral Commission announced, on Sunday, that about 300 stations will be opened for manual counting, based on the appeals submitted to it.   

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A member of the media team of the Commission, Imad Jamil, told the official agency, and “Nas” followed him (October 24, 2021), that “816 appeals were completed, of which 790 were responded, and the accepted number reached 26, and these are the appeals that were accepted supported by evidence and documents, so More than 300 stations will be opened.”  

He added, “These stations will include the governorates concerned with appeals to counting and sorting, and then the counting and sorting process will begin under the supervision of the entities’ monitors and their authorized persons, which are covered by these stations, whether in Salah al-Din, Baghdad, Basra or Erbil, as well as the rest of the remaining provinces.”  

He stressed that “the start of counting and sorting depends on the completion of the stations process, because it cannot be started without completing all the procedures,” pointing out that “the legal date for ratification of the election results is after the end of the appeals process in all its details.”


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