The forces objecting to the election results issue a statement inviting the President of the Republic

  •  Time: 10/24/2021 22:27:19 
  •  Reading: 195 times 

The national forces objecting to the election results  

Press release

The national forces objecting to the election results met this evening in the office of the President of the State of Law Coalition. The attendees discussed the events and facts that prove the existence of a major defect in the announced results and the political and social tensions that led to it.. The gathered forces agreed to confirm their rejection of the announced results and their rejection of the commission’s selective method in dealing with legal challenges and its demand to seriously consider all the appeals submitted to it and to take action Comprehensive manual counting and sorting for all stations, with complete transparency, and correcting the errors that accompanied the process of counting and announcing the votes.
The attendees also extend their thanks and appreciation to the security forces for their protection of the demonstrators and the peaceful demonstrators demanding justice and the restoration of rights for their commitment and high discipline. We express our support for the legitimate demands and the continuation of all constitutionally available activities to achieve this

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