Source: The losing blocs meet to search for a solution that preserves their “prestige”… and the Sadrists are determined to form a “strong” government

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Shafaq News/ The Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr called on the political forces rejecting the results of the primary elections to abide by the provisions of the “electoral code of conduct” signed by leaders and leaders of all political blocs and parties, while expressing his response to any agreement that leads to cooperation with the movement to reach understandings that contribute to accelerating the formation of the government. .

An informed source told Shafak News Agency; “The meeting of the political blocs and forces rejecting the elections will discuss finding a political way out that preserves their prestige and paves the way for future dialogues with the leading forces. The meeting will also recommend calm and the necessity of re-counting and manual counting of all electoral stations.”

for his part; Former MP Riyad Al-Masoudi explained to Shafaq News Agency; “The Sadrist movement is proceeding with an ascending graph, which was revealed by the results of the initial elections, and it obtained 73 seats, topping all forces and alliances. It also has horizontal relations with all political components, and vertical relations with Shiite political forces, all of which are built on national foundations that contribute to building a national government capable of Facing the political, economic, social and service challenges, and everyone knows that.”

He pointed out that “those who reject the election results and those who doubt the commission’s work are contradicting themselves because they signed the electoral code of conduct, and thus they are bound by it, as it provides for avoiding conflicts, increasing public support for electoral practice, and protecting candidates, but what is happening today is contrary to what they signed,” noting that ” The meeting of the forces of the coordination framework with all the losing forces or those rejecting the results of the elections, if it leads to the support of the Sadrist movement to expedite the formation of the government, it is a welcome matter and welcome to them, dear brothers. Sovereignty is the law and the people are the source of authority and the peaceful transfer of power.”

He added, “If they agree to cooperate with the Sadrist movement or bloc, we will sit in dialogues not for the purpose of sharing power with a quota government, but to support the future government and establish real support mechanisms, i.e. moving from participation to partnership. In the government, the money will be transferred from the money of the Iraqi people to the money of the components, parties and people.”

And about the Sadrist movement’s next step, Al-Masoudi said; “The understandings are proceeding with a high flow, and the current has achieved high levels in it and is moving towards forming a comfortable and strong parliamentary majority capable of passing bills that are in the interest of the country,” adding that “in addition to our belief in the partnership of the strong, we believe in numerical weights, not qualitative ones.”

Leaders and representatives of the political forces in Iraq signed in mid-September the “Code of Electoral Conduct” in order to protect the integrity of the legislative elections. The President and members of the Independent High Electoral Commission and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Hennis-Plasschaert, and the meeting witnessed the signing of the electoral conduct document submitted by the Presidency of the Republic regarding the rules that must be adhered to by the Iraqi political parties during the electoral process in order to preserve its peace, integrity and conduct properly. Salim”.

The code stipulated avoiding conflicts, increasing public support for electoral practice, protecting candidates and providing equal opportunities.

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