Al-Nasr Coalition: The coordination framework is not an alliance, and the “State of Law” expresses its desire for dialogue with Al-Sadr

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Shafaq News/ The Victory Alliance, led by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, denied seeking to establish the largest bloc through the coordination framework, noting that the goal of the meeting called by the head of the State of Law coalition with political forces is the subject of objections to the election results.

A statement by the Victory Alliance, which was received by Shafak News Agency, explained; “The goal of the national meeting today, is to remove objections to the electoral process from the sectarian space to the national space, with the aim of giving visions and remedies to remedy the current crisis, and to ensure the continuation of the democratic process within tracks that meet the integrity of the system and represent the people.” 

The statement confirmed; That “the goal of the coordination framework and the national meeting is not to create a political alliance or to form the largest bloc or to exclude any political party, but rather to create a national dialogue to study ways to end the crisis.”

till then; A leader in the state of law revealed the most important topics of the meeting, which is being held today.

The leader of the State of Law, Faris Al-Hasnawi, told Shafak News Agency; Today, Sunday, “the most important axes of the meeting, which is being held today in al-Maliki’s house, is to discuss the crisis of the election results, the wave of objections that were raised about it.” 

And he indicated that “the meeting will discuss mechanisms to address the crisis, contain it, prevent its repercussions, and give the affected people their right under the constitution and the law so that the claims do not depart from their legitimate framework,” noting that “this meeting is to avoid problems and objections only, not for the purpose of political alliances to form a government.”

on the possibility of allying with the Sadrist bloc; Al-Hasnawi indicated that the State of Law coalition has no objection to allying with the Sadrist bloc, and we are fully prepared to consult and dialogue with all the blocs participating in the elections and leave all previous differences.

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