After the rise in oil, an expert reveals the possibility of reducing the dollar exchange rate with this mechanism

political| 02:53 – 10/20/2021


Special – Mawazine News
, the economic expert, Nabil Al Marsoumi, revealed, on Wednesday, the possibility of restoring the dollar exchange rate to its previous era, by a certain mechanism.
Al-Marsoumi told Mawazine News that “the current budgets in Iraq have inflated, and the 2021 budget differs from its predecessors,” noting that “the actual spending of the country exceeds 110 trillion dinars. Therefore, in light of current prices, if the exchange rate is restored, debts of up to 120 trillion dinars will accumulate. “.
He added, “It is possible for the state to gradually improve the Iraqi dinar exchange rate because the shock method adopted in changing the exchange rate was not appropriate.”
Al-Marsoumi stressed, “The rise was at a high rate and at an inappropriate time, at a time when poverty indicators were rising due to the Corona virus, and there was an uproar and shock in the markets.” Ended 29/A43

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