President Barzani will meet with all the Kurdistan parties ahead of an anticipated visit to Baghdad

 2021-10-19 12:25:32

Shafaq News/ The President of Kurdistan, Nechirvan Barzani, will hold an expanded meeting with all the political parties in the Region ahead of his visit to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Politburo Secretary Fadhel al-Mirani said on Tuesday.

Earlier today, al-Mirani headed the KDP delegation that convened with representatives of the Kurdistan Communist Party and Kurdistan Islamic Movement in the capital city of the Region, Erbil.

“After we visit all the parties in Kurdistan, the President of the Region will invite them all to an expanded meeting to set a joint agenda before heading to Baghdad to hold talks regarding the upcoming government,” al-Mirani said in a press conference, “we await the outcomes of the Region’s Presidency meeting. Consequently, we will decide the parties that we will or will not ally with.”

“We prefer not to hold any talks single-handedly. The blocs of Kurdistan shall be united,” he continued, “we do not visit anyone on the basis of the seats won in the election.”

“We expect prolonged talks,” he said, “extending the mission of the caretaker government is not in the interest of the Iraqis. We the government is formed swiftly.”

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