The Iraqi Electoral Commission: International monitoring will continue until the final approval of the results

10-17-2021 | 21:12 Source : Agencies – Al-Nahar Al-Arabi

Election results
Election results

A+A-Today, Sunday, the Electoral Commission stressed that the period between receiving appeals, considering them and announcing their results will be 20 days, while it set the date for announcing the names of the 329 winning deputies. null

A member of the media team at the Commission, Imad Jamil Mohsen, said in a statement that “the reception of appeals will continue until the end of the official working hours the day after tomorrow,” noting that “tomorrow is an official working day to receive the complainants.”

He added that “receipt of appeals will continue for three days, then be considered by the Board of Commissioners for a period of 7 days, and then considered by the judiciary for a period of 10 days,” noting that “the results of the appeals will be announced, and then the names of the 329 winning representatives will be announced. After completing the entire consideration of the appeals and approving the results before submitting them to the Federal Court. 

And he continued, “The decisions of the judicial body are binding on the Commission, and in the event that it decides, by appeal, to open boxes and investigate them, then the Commission is obligated to recount the votes of the stations or district covered by the complaint only,” explaining that “the appeal against the result of a particular candidate in a specific electoral district is dealt with within the district only, not as happened in the previous elections.” That is, there will be no recounting of all votes.”

He stressed that “international monitoring will continue until the results are ratified,” noting that “the appeals submitted now, some of them relate to issues about the results, such as propaganda or electoral violations, which are technical and procedural issues and do not rise to the rank of red lines.”

Yesterday, the Commission announced the preliminary results of the October elections, which were held on the tenth of October (October).

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