Parliament prepares for the ‘swearing in’ session of new deputies

2021.10.17 – 18:33
Parliament prepares for the 'swearing in' session of new deputies

Baghdad – people  

The General Secretariat of the House of Representatives discussed, on Sunday, preparations for holding the constitutional swearing-in session.  

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And the media department of the Council stated in a statement, of which “Nass” received a copy, (17 October 2021), that “the General Secretariat of the House of Representatives held a meeting today, headed by the Secretary-General of the House of Representatives, Sirwan Abdullah Serini, in the presence of Mr. Sadiq Jumaa Hamid, Deputy Secretary-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Muhammad Hani Al-Badrani, Deputy Secretary-General for Parliamentary Affairs.  

The meeting discussed, according to the statement, which was attended by the general managers of the council’s general secretariat, “technical and logistical preparations for holding the swearing-in session for the fifth electoral cycle.”  

The attendees discussed “the plans and mechanisms of holding the first session, which is scheduled to be held after the approval of the Federal Supreme Court on the names of the winning candidates in the elections.”

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