Hundreds of them…the number of foreign media professionals and international observers covering and monitoring the Iraqi elections

political| 01:45 – 07/10/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, Adviser to the Prime Minister for Elections Affairs, Hussein Al-Hindawi, announced, on Thursday, the number of foreign media professionals and international observers who will participate in covering and monitoring the Iraqi elections.
Al-Hindawi said, according to the official media, that “the number of military voters who have the right to vote in the special ballot tomorrow, Friday, is 1,570,77”, noting that “their vote will take place in 595 electoral centers comprising 2,548 polling stations distributed neatly among the governorates of Iraq.” all”.
Al-Hindawi added, “The special vote will also include the casting of 120,126 displaced people in 86 polling centers at 309 polling stations, as well as the voting of hundreds of hospital and prison inmates at special polling stations,” noting that “715 international observers will be deployed in all polling stations.”
And he continued, “About 500 foreign media professionals will cover the electoral process, which is the widest of its kind in the region,” reiterating “the need to abide by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s directive to the security forces to adhere to complete neutrality during the special voting process and to prevent officers from exerting any pressure on the government.” Soldiers cast their votes for any political party or candidate participating in this electoral competition, and that any form of pressure will be severely held accountable.
Al-Hindawi reassured “members of the security forces that the voting is completely secret, and it is not possible to know who voted for them.” Ended 29/A43

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