Standard & Poor’s announces its new rating for the Iraqi economy

  • Time: 09/30/2021 13:23:39
  • Reading: 585 times
Standard & Poor's announces its new rating for the Iraqi economy

{Economic: Al Furat News} The report submitted by the agency {Standard & Poor’s} on the credit rating praised the Iraqi economy’s continuation of maintaining its credit rating as a result of the ongoing economic reforms of the financial policy in Iraq. 

 And a statement of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, of which the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy, stated that “the new classification comes to reflect the continued preservation of the level of foreign currency reserves that exceeds the service of the external public debt and the fulfillment of other external financial obligations as a result of the rise in crude oil prices and their recovery in the third and fourth quarters of the year.” Present”.

The agency also confirmed, according to the statement, “the possibility of improving Iraq’s credit rating in the event of a high rate of economic growth in Iraq, diversification of the state’s oil and non-oil public financial revenues, an increase in the per capita income share of national income, and the continuation of financial and economic policy reform measures as mentioned in the economic reform paper (white paper). Which would strengthen the financial and economic policy of the Iraqi government.”


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