Foreign Minister: Iraq has succeeded in holding meetings with countries in the region in order to resolve differences between them



Baghdad/ Al-Mawrid News
, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein discussed, today, Monday, several joint files with the Norwegian side, with his counterpart Eni Eriksen Soreide.
A statement by the ministry stated, “Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein met with Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ene Eriksen Soreide, on the sidelines of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, and during the meeting, they discussed strengthening and developing bilateral relations between the two countries, and the latest political, security, regional and international developments, Iraq’s efforts to promote peace and stability in the Middle East, the latest of which was the Baghdad Conference on Cooperation and Partnership, which was held at the end of last August.
The foreign minister said, according to the statement, that “Iraq has taken upon itself the study of the circumstances surrounding the region, as Iraq has suffered from these tensions that have been reflected in the Iraqi arena,” expressing “Iraq’s keenness to be a factor and a source of stability in the region and to find solutions to its problems, and Iraq succeeded in holding Meetings between countries in the region to resolve differences and crises among them.
He added, “Preparations and preparations for holding the elections are in full swing and are going well,” stressing that “the early elections this year are the first of their kind in Iraq, and that they will constitute a fateful step in the future of the political process in Iraq.”
The minister thanked his Norwegian counterpart for her country’s support for Iraq in this field, as it is a member of the Security Council, which unanimously adopted its resolution 2576 of 2021, praising Norway’s efforts in its participation in the international coalition to combat terrorism and defeat ISIS, expressing his hope for the continuation of Norway’s support and assistance. . ”
the minister called on ” Norwegian companies “to invest in Iraq and to contribute to the development of infrastructure projects, particularly the areas of energy.”
For her part, the Norwegian Foreign Minister affirmed her country’s readiness to provide support and assistance to Iraq, wishing the success of the upcoming parliamentary elections, expressing her happiness with the success of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership and its outcomes, which will lead to calm and reduce tension, and the recent ministerial meeting chaired by Iraq in New York, appreciating the pioneering role Responsibility and participation in finding solutions

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