Today..Jordan begins the process of exporting to Iraq in a round to round system

Economie| 10:57 – 09/18/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News,
Vice-Captain of Truck Owners Syndicate, Nael Al Thiabat, expects to start the process of exporting to Iraq with the “Door To Door” system, on Saturday.
Al-Dhiabat said, “The union issued visas for 200 oil tankers, and 200 visas for Iraqi drivers.”
He added that through the union, security approvals have been obtained for 4,000 drivers since last Sunday.
“The Door To Door system speeds up the arrival of goods to the country of destination and is less expensive, thus encouraging the Jordanian producer to reach Iraq at the lowest cost,” according to Al Thiabat.
He explained that before the Corona virus pandemic, at least 500 trucks were entering Jordan into Iraq.
And he continued, “The Jordanian government has given concessions to Iraqi trucks and discounts in the Ports Corporation in handling and some concessions on the basis of encouraging any Iraqi importer to import through the port of Aqaba or Jordanian industries.” Ended 29/A43

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