Details of a meeting of the International Coalition at the Joint Operations Headquarters in Baghdad

802 security 9/10/2021 19:19
Baghdad today – Baghdad
Today, Friday, the Iraqi forces discussed, at the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command in Baghdad, the US-led international coalition against ISIS, the security file in Kirkuk Governorate.
In a statement after the meeting, the international coalition stressed the “importance of providing security and stability in Kirkuk Governorate, due to its importance in preventing the return of ISIS.”
The statement added that “Iraqi forces recently met with Operation Inherent Resolve, the United Nations team in Iraq, and various non-governmental organizations, as part of the Civil Affairs Forum at the Joint Operations Center Command in Iraq.”
The Iraqi forces carry out security operations from time to time to pursue the remnants of ISIS cells that are still active in some northern and western regions of the country, by targeting civilians and security forces, despite the government’s announcement in late 2017 to eliminate the organization.


A government source reveals Al-Kazemi’s agenda on his visit to Tehran



Follow / Al-Mawred NewsPrime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will head to Tehran, next Sunday, on a visit during which he will meet with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi.

A source in the Council of Ministers told AFP today, Friday, that the visit reviews the energy file between the two countries and Iranian-Saudi relations.
The expected meeting that brings together Al-Kazemi and Raisi will be the first since the latter took over the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the beginning of last August.
The visit comes a month before the early legislative elections in Iraq, scheduled for the tenth of next month.
The source said that during his visit to Tehran, Al-Kazemi will discuss issues of “security, energy, and relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran.”
Iraq and Iran have close relations at the official level, as well as developed relations with Saudi Arabia.
According to the government source, during the meeting, the file of the tense relations between Riyadh and Tehran will be discussed, amid Iraq’s efforts to play the role of mediator after it was the scene of closed meetings between the two parties.
Al-Kazemi’s government had succeeded in gathering diplomats from the two countries during a conference held at the end of last August in Baghdad.
It is expected that the issue of granting entry visas to Iranian pilgrims coming to Iraq to visit the holy shrines in Najaf and Karbala will be discussed during the visit, according to the same source.

The National Oil Company holds a meeting to discuss the five-year plan for production and exploration

Economie| 05:50 – 10/09/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Ministry of Oil announced, on Friday, that the National Oil Company held an expanded meeting today to discuss the five-year plan for exploration, production and development activity and the available capacities for export.

A statement by the ministry, which Mawazine News received a copy of, stated that the requirements for implementing the plans, challenges and tasks assigned to the companies and departments concerned were reviewed and discussed, according to a strategic vision commensurate with the needs of the interim oil market and future expectations, in a manner that ensures the achievement of the highest economic return for Iraq.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry, Hamid Younis, said that the meeting discussed three important axes, which are the crude oil production and export plan, the gas production and investment plan, and the plan to maximize exploration activity. 

The Undersecretary indicated that the plan included emphasizing the necessity of developing the fields that are managed by the national effort outside the licensing rounds, reconsidering the development plans, and conducting a tripartite seismic survey for the fields for which this survey was not carried out in a manner that ensures an increase in oil and gas production capacities.

For his part, Director General of the Oil Exploration Company Agency, Basem Muhammad Khudair, said that the Oil Exploration Company presented in this meeting its five-year plan, which included two main axes, the first, the bilateral and triple seismic survey plan, expanded from the northern to southern governorates, and the exploratory drilling plan, which aims to add new promising reserves. for oil and gas.

Khudair added that the plan indicated the need for joint collective action to provide the requirements that achieve the required goals, including drawing the road map, and the obligations of the extractive companies and the Oil Exploration Company, especially with regard to the exploratory drilling plan, while the Director General of the Department of Reservoirs and Oil Fields Development said that the Minister of Oil stressed the The importance of the national effort in implementing a large part of these development plans and programs, including the development of the Bin Omar oil field in Basra Governorate, in order to maximize the national production of light oil and to invest the gas associated with oil operations in supplying electric power stations, with emphasis on the importance of the large and effective role of the Iraqi Drilling Company in Execution of the exploratory drilling plan that has the necessary tools to implement the requirements of this plan.

As for the Director General of the Central Oil Company, Qaddouri Abdel Salam, he stressed that the meeting stressed the necessity of coordinating plans to increase future production, with the requirements of the global oil market and the local need in coordination with the Oil Marketing Company, noting that the National Oil Company will hold a comprehensive workshop to discuss exploration plans. For gas fields throughout Iraq, including the Western Desert, which contains good reserves of gas wealth, known as free gas. Ended 29/R77