The Global Coalition to Defeat (ISIS) provided additional military assistance to the Peshmerga, September 8, 2021. 



SULAIMANI — The Global Coalition to Defeat Islamic State (ISIS) provided additional military assistance to the Peshmerga on Wednesday (September 8) as part of the Coalition’s continued commitment to boosting the capabilities of the Kurdistan Region’s military, including more than 150 vehicles provided by the US.

The new equipment includes armored Humvees, trucks, excavators, fuel tankers, water tankers, and rescue trucks, according to Peshmerga Deputy Chief of Staff Hoshmand Haider. 

“The aid provided to the Peshmerga will fill many needs, so the commanders should have the right instructions on how to use that aid and the equipment they receive,” Haider added.

“[The Coalition] remains committed to working with our Peshmerga partners and ensuring they have the necessary capability to sustain the military gains against [ISIS] and meet current and future threats,” Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Wayne Marotto said in a tweet.

The Coalition has provided substantial military aid to the Kurdistan Region as part of the fight against ISIS.

In addition to millions of dollars in equipment transfers, the US also provides a stipend to pay the salaries of Peshmerga in the brigades that fall under the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs.

(NRT Digital Media)

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