The “Baghdad Summit” is a shift towards sustainable economic partnerships

Strengthening efforts with Iraq to deal with the challenges posed by climate change12:00 AM, Monday, 6 September, 2021

Ok With widespread enthusiasm and regional and international attendance, the activities of the Baghdad Summit for Cooperation and Partnership were held last week in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in which 9 countries from Iraq’s regional neighborhood participated, as well as the presence of Arab and international organizations. The summit comes at a very important time in the wake of the changes that have occurred in Iraq. The final statement of the participants reflects the importance of the topics discussed. In their final statement, the participants acknowledged that the region faces common challenges that require the countries of the region to deal with it on the basis of joint cooperation and mutual interests, in accordance with the principles of good neighborliness, non-interference in the internal affairs of countries and respect for national sovereignty.
The economic aspect took a wide space at the forefront of the summit agenda along with the political aspects and issues related to climate change and sustainable development. The participants appreciated the efforts of the Iraqi government in the context of achieving economic reform in a way that secures sending positive messages to encourage investment in various sectors for the benefit of all. It creates an appropriate economic environment and promotes the process of sustainable development and job creation, which is a good step towards strengthening joint cooperation and exchanging experiences between the countries of the region and international organizations interested in this field.
Perhaps addressing the issue of climate change within the agenda of the summit is an important factor, and the conferences’ agreement on the need to strengthen efforts with Iraq to deal with the challenges arising from climate change and global warming in accordance with the relevant international agreements represents an important qualitative shift towards the direction of solidarity and the approach of potential dangers to development that threaten our planet and our lives, and in this context, we can refer to the effects resulting from climate change in recent years in Iraq, such as extreme heat waves, desertification and water scarcity throughout Iraq. With the exception of the mountainous regions of the Kurdistan Region, the majority of other regions in the country are characterized by a dry or semi-arid nature in which precipitation does not exceed 150 mm annually.
The participation of the State of Qatar was widely welcomed, and the speech of H H the Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in the conference was comprehensive, stimulating for collective action and supportive of partnership, especially in building fruitful economic partnerships and cooperation towards achieving sustainable development and facing the effects of climate change, as well as On calls to strengthen the bonds of ties between Arab and friendly countries participating in the conference.

«قمة بغداد» نقلة لشراكات اقتصاديّة مستدامة

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