On the regional and international rush to Erbil and Baghdad..Kurdistan government: We are waiting for its results

politicsKurdistanErbilBaghdaddiplomacyThe international community 2021-09-05 15:58A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Regional Government commented, on Sunday, on what the Iraqi arena as a whole and the region in particular are witnessing, from the visits of leaders and high-ranking officials to Erbil and Baghdad.

During the past two weeks, Baghdad and Erbil witnessed the visits of heads of countries and Arab and foreign political leaders, most notably the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to each of them, as well as the recent visit of Jordanian Parliament Speaker Abdel Moneim Al-Awdat, during which he met the three presidencies in Kurdistan, as well as the head of the Democratic Party Kurdistan’s Massoud Barzani.

Regarding this diplomatic movement, government spokesman Gutiar Adel told Shafaq News that “the international community plays a major role in issues of concern to the region and Iraq, and one of the most important of these issues is achieving stability and economic development.”

Adel added, “Iraq and the Kurdistan Region need international support in order to achieve these goals,” noting that “these visits also play an important role in consolidating relations with the countries of the region and the world, and must be comprehensive in all fields.”

He explained that “the recent visits to the Kurdistan Region are important and cooperation must be made within the framework of these relations with foreign countries to have an impact on the political, diplomatic, economic and development levels,” adding, “We are waiting for their results in the near future.”


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