Al-Kaabi: Iraq is on the verge of programs to develop economic sectors



Baghdad / Al-Mawrid News

, the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Al-Kaabi, confirmed today, Sunday, that Iraq is on the verge of programs to develop economic sectors, while indicating that the next government will be the strongest.
The media office of the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives said in a statement, “Al-Kaabi received, in his office, the Australian Ambassador in Baghdad, Paula Ganley, and during the meeting, they reviewed the preparations for the upcoming elections, the size of international supervision and diplomatic missions that will accompany the electoral process to ensure the smooth flow of the democratic process for the better,” stressing that “the government The next one will be the strongest.
Al-Kaabi said, according to the statement, “The House of Representatives and the government have paid great attention to the strategy of reducing dependence on oil imports as a major source of national income, and there are plans to develop other economic sectors such as agriculture, industry and tourism, and this requires more expertise that can be provided by countries that have made great strides in these areas.” Fields, including Australia, which has the potential to develop capabilities and training, not in economic sectors, but in multiple areas, including human rights, youth and women’s programs.”
The statement added, “Some files were also highlighted, including the file of the displaced, where Al-Kaabi stressed the need to close the camps for the displaced at the end of this year and work to return them to their areas after they were completely secured, calling for the need for coordination between diplomatic missions and the Ministry of Immigration, as they need support.” An international organization to implement its programs and end the files entrusted to it, explaining that the war that Iraq led against ISIS gangs represented a point for the cohesion of the international community, as the danger of ISIS did not fall on Iraq alone, but on all of humanity.

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