Washington announces a long-term commitment with Iraq and Kurdistan and warns of a new emergence of ISIS

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Shafaq News/ On Monday, the US consul in Kurdistan confirmed President Joe Biden’s “long-term” commitment to Iraq and the region, and while he warned of a new emergence of “ISIS” in the country, he indicated that the Iraqi situation is different from Afghanistan.

The US Consul in the region, Robert Palladino, said during a press conference held today, in Erbil, with a group of Kurdish media, which was attended by Shafak News Agency, that “America has started withdrawing its forces from Iraq as agreed upon,” noting that “the remaining forces will be organized. According to the agreement, they are training forces.

He added that “the war with ISIS is not over yet,” noting that “President Biden confirmed the commitment of the United States to support Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.”

Palladino stressed, “We are committed to a long-term agreement with Iraq and the region

Regarding the upcoming elections, he stressed, “We will not support any particular candidate or party in Iraq, but the US government supports the Iraqi government in holding fair elections.”

He pointed out that “the US government supports the voting process, and wishes the Iraqis to exercise their right to vote,” noting that “the stability of the Middle East is the stability of Iraq, and the situation here is different from Afghanistan, and each country has its own peculiarities.”

Palladino noted that “America will not change its policy in the Kurdistan Region,” stressing that his country “will continue to support the Peshmerga forces in terms of securing military needs, armament and training.”

He pointed out that “the US government helped the Peshmerga Ministry in carrying out reforms,” ​​explaining that “last year it provided more than 250 million dollars to the Peshmerga.”

As the US consul stressed, “We are certain that if efforts do not continue, ISIS will reappear, and we know very well that ISIS still poses a threat, and this international coalition continues to fight it.”

The US consul also said, “We see that ISIS continues to blow up energy towers to deprive citizens of electricity in this hot season, and we also see ISIS blocking roads from people, kidnapping and killing them.”



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