The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarifies its procedures regarding the follow-up to the Baghdad summit

political| 01:45 – 30/08/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News The
Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed, on Monday, that the Baghdad conference confirms cooperation and partnership in a new style towards economy and investment, stressing that it is following with great importance the outcomes of the Baghdad conference, indicating that Iraq has become an investment opportunity.
Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf said, according to state media, that “the ministry works through commitment to collective initiatives with all of Iraq’s neighbors and partners, affirming the principle of openness to all parties with standards of national sovereignty and national interest, and in light of this, the Baghdad conference came in this context to confirm a new pattern.” of partnership and cooperation on the basis of economy and investment.
He added that “the outcomes of the Baghdad conference are followed up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with great interest and are based on an important variable, which is what the joint final statement mentioned to the participants, that there will be a committee of foreign ministers of the gathered countries, to follow up on the outcomes of the Baghdad conference.”
He added, “This involves providing follow-up aspects and meetings related to the economic and investment interests proposed by Iraq.”
He pointed out that “there is a big difference between the month of August of the year 2014, when terrorist gangs of extremism raided Iraq and it was an existential threat to the structures of the state and Iraqi society, and we are talking today about the month of August of the year 2021 in which the Baghdad conference was held.” Ended 29/A43


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