What is the truth about Baghdad sending 200 billion to Kurdistan again

1,340 Economie 2021/08/29 21:26  
Baghdad today – Erbil
A source in the Ministry of Finance of the Kurdistan Regional Government clarified, today, Sunday, the fact that the federal government sent new sums to the region earmarked for employee salaries. 

The source said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “the amount of 200 billion dinars allocated for salaries for the month of August was sent a week ago, and the distribution of salaries for employees in the region was initiated without deduction.” 

He added that “regarding September’s salaries and sending Baghdad new sums, no date has been set for sending an amount of 200 billion dinars, but the government promised us to continue sending until the end of this year.”

Earlier, some media outlets circulated news about the arrival of 200 billion dinars as a new financial payment allocated from Baghdad to the regional government.



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The President of the Republic praises Al-Kazemi’s role in the Baghdad conference: giving the whole region a glimmer of hope

politicsMustafa Al-KazemiIraqi President Barham SalihBaghdad ConferenceRafidain Forum 2021-08-29 13:17A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, praised today, Sunday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s management of the Baghdad Regional Conference, noting that this conference gave the whole region a glimmer of hope. 

Barham Salih said in a speech at the Al-Rafidain Forum in Baghdad, which was attended by Shafak News Agency; “Yesterday we witnessed an important event with the convening of the Baghdad Conference, in the presence of heads of state.

Yesterday’s meeting was important in an eloquent message that Iraq was the title of the conflict, it has become a point of convergence, and that the interests of states have become settled on a stable, sovereign Iraq.

I want to commend the efforts of Mustafa Al-Kazemi and his team at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who gave, not only to Iraq, but to the region, a glimmer of hope.

He added, “The region needs a new system for political and economic work, that makes us ready to confront the crises of terrorism, extremism and the economic crisis, and allows us to provide job opportunities,” noting that “the system’s success will not be achieved without a secure, stable and fully sovereign Iraq, and this matter requires international and regional support.” ..

He pointed out that the country “is weeks away from the elections, and it should be a starting point for solutions. The elections are not a goal but a means towards reform and change.” 

He stressed that the free will of the Iraqis to elect their representatives away from pressure and manipulation and ensuring popular participation today represents an entitlement that is not worthy of bargaining.


Macron: Our visit to Kurdistan is a message that France will not abandon its friends

KurdistanKurdistan RegionbreakingMacron 2021-08-29 13:14A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The three presidencies in the Kurdistan Region discussed, with French President Emmanuel Macron, the developments of the situation in Iraq and the region, in addition to discussing ways to strengthen relations between the Kurdistan Region and France.

A statement by the regional government quoted Macron as referring to the historical relationship between France and the Kurdistan Region and the role played by the Kurdistan Peshmerga, led by (Kurdish leader) Masoud Barzani, in defeating ISIS, stressing his country’s continued support and support for the Kurdistan Region, and said: “Our visit to Kurdistan is a message that France will not abandon its friends.

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government commended the firm French position in supporting the Kurdistan Region at various stages, and pointed to the importance of joint work and coordination with France and the international community in order to solve all the problems of Iraq, especially the outstanding issues between the Kurdistan Region and the Federal Government, and praised the positive and purposeful French role. To achieve security and stability in the region.

In another aspect of the meeting, they discussed the importance of implementing the Sinjar Agreement and preparing the appropriate ground for the return of the displaced to their areas.


Kurdistan Finance announces the date for the start of the payment of salaries for the month of August

2021.08.29 – 18:54
Kurdistan Finance announces the date for the start of the payment of salaries for the month of August

Baghdad – people  

On Sunday, the Ministry of Finance of the Kurdistan Regional Government set the dates for disbursing August salaries for the region’s employees.  

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And the ministry stated in a statement, seen by “Nass” (August 29, 2021), that “a new list for distributing salaries to a number of ministries, in which the distribution starts from tomorrow, Monday, for the month of August.”  

According to the statement, the order of the list is as follows:  

Ministry of Interior Affairs  

Nationality and passports  

Zirvani Peshmerga leaders  

Civil Defense Forces  

Oil Brigade  

Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal  

political prisoners body


Nechirvan Barzani: We still need international support to strengthen security and democracy, and we look forward to joint action with France

KurdistanbreakingNechirvan BarzaniMacron 2021-08-29 11:30A-AA+

Shafaq News/ The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani stressed on Sunday the need for international support to enhance security and democracy, indicating that he is looking forward to joint work with France.

Barzani said in a joint press conference held today with the French President, who is visiting Erbil, and attended by Shafak News Agency, that “Iraq at this time is heading towards the elections of the fifth session, and President Macron’s visit comes as a clear support for the democratic process in Iraq.”

“We still need to stabilize security, strengthen democracy and develop government institutions,” he added, stressing the need for “international support.”

Barzani stressed, “We always look forward to joint work with France in the face of terrorism and climate change, as well as the economic field,” noting that “Iraq and the Kurdistan Region can be catalysts for France and create investment opportunities for French companies.”

Macron arrived Friday night at the head of a high-ranking delegation to the capital, Baghdad, to participate in the cooperation conference, and he also visited Erbil and Mosul on Sunday.


Macron: There is a golden opportunity for Erbil and Baghdad, and their current relationship is very good

KurdistanErbilFranceMacronand Baghdad 2021-08-29 06:54A-AA+

Shafaq News/ French President Emmanuel Macron described on Sunday the current relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government as “very good.”

In a statement he made to reporters on the sidelines of his visit to the city of Mosul, specifically the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri, “I see that there is a responsibility on our shoulders in the reconstruction of Iraq and that we continue the war against terrorism, provide services such as education and other sectors, and work together with the rest of the components to achieve desired objectives.

Macron addressed the components in Iraq, saying, “We assure once again that we will be with you and support you in the reconstruction and construction of schools, hospitals and service institutions.”

On his visit to the Kurdistan Region, the French president said that “when relations between the federal government and the regional government worsened in 2017, France worked to smooth the atmosphere between the two sides, and this was in Paris,” stressing that “the situation must be normalized between all components in Iraq.”

He also pointed out that there is a golden opportunity for the regional government and the federal government to improve relations between them, indicating that the current situation between the two sides is very good.

He added that “strengthening relations between Erbil and Baghdad is very important, and we are working to establish security, stability, coexistence and acceptance of the other in Iraq,” stressing that his meeting with Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani was fruitful. 

Regarding the conditions of the displaced Yazidis, Macron said that most of these displaced people live in Erbil and Dohuk, and appropriate conditions should be provided for them to return to their homes.

The French president also spoke about Nineveh, saying: The local government in Nineveh is working on rebuilding the infrastructure, but above all, it should combat financial and administrative corruption in all its forms.

With regard to relations between Paris and Baghdad, Macron said: Our presence in Iraq has an important message. We are here and we will stay and provide assistance to the Iraqis whenever they need it, stressing that France is here for reconstruction.


Macron: We will open a French consulate in Mosul, and the Turkish bombing prevents the return of the displaced to Sinjar

politicsbreakingMacronFrench 2021-08-29 06:52A-AA+

Shafaq News/ French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday his country’s government’s intention to open a consulate in the city of Mosul, the local capital of Nineveh Governorate, while stressing that the international community, including France, is committed to maintaining security and stability in Iraq, indicating that the Turkish air strikes targeting Sinjar district prevent Without returning the displaced Yazidis to their homes.

Macron said in a speech during his meeting with a number of Christian clergymen at the Clock Church in Mosul, “I thank the Iraqi forces for confronting ISIS, for the Iraqis were the ones who defended their land at first, and then the international community entered the line,” referring to France’s role in the war against terrorism in Iraq.

He added, “We are working on the reconstruction of the city of Mosul as soon as possible, and we have many projects, including the opening of the French consulate, and we are also working with the Iraqi authorities to return the displaced to their homes,” noting that due to the deteriorating service situation in Mosul, the displaced cannot return to their homes.

The French president also indicated that “thousands of Yazidis left their homes and were displaced due to the attack of ISIS, and now they cannot return to Sinjar because Turkey is attacking that area, in addition to the presence of several other obstacles,” stressing that the situation in Sinjar is unstable.

Macron added, “France wants to open a consulate in Mosul and a school, and Paris has donated $60 million in this regard,” noting that “France has an influential role in the field of education, and the opening of a consulate and a school in Mosul is very important.”


Launching project allocations for 11 governorates

political| 02:06 – 29/08/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, on Sunday, the launch of project allocations for 11 governorates, while identifying the reasons for the delay in their launch.
Committee member Majid Al-Waeli said, according to the official agency, that “the delay in spending the budget for some governorates happened two months ago, but a month ago the budget was launched to 11 governorates, and the first batch of funding allocations for governorate plans for ongoing projects, not new,” noting that “the governorates are keen to Distributing the budget to the largest number of its administrative units.
Al-Waeli added, “The committee has refined the reconstruction plans submitted by the governorates,” stressing that “the ongoing projects have not stopped and have not been delayed by the committee, as they were previously approved.”
He pointed out that “there is an in-depth scrutiny of the allocations and the plan for the reconstruction of new projects in addition to the many conditions,” explaining that “these projects must be fairly distributed among the administrative units in the governorates and according to the population representation, in addition to the strategic projects that serve more than one administrative unit, and this percentage is only More than 15%, in addition to many conditions, according to the water, electricity and health sectors.
He noted that “the study and audit of the new projects after they were completed and reached the Finance Committee and checked, I went to the Ministry of Planning and all these stages need time, which led to a delay in launching the allocations for new projects.”
He stressed, “The ongoing projects have no delays, and the first batches have been released according to the percentages of completion, and things are going well.” Ended 29/A43



A pile of Iraqi dinar banknotes (File)



SULAIMANI — The federal government sent a monthly cash transfer of 200 billion Iraqi dinar ($137 million) to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Sunday (August 29) for the second time since July, a source from the KRG Ministry of Finance told NRT.

Under an agreement with Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, the KRG began to receive a monthly stipend of 200 billion dinars per month in July.

The agreement, however, does not resolve major budget disagreements between Erbil and Baghdad, which have prevented the implementation of the 2021 Federal Budget Law. KRG officials are keen to note that the stipend is not the Region’s budget share.

During 2020, the KRG struggled to pay its employees, missing five monthly disbursements entirely and cutting four others by nearly a quarter. Government employees had their pay cut by twenty-one percent during the first six months this year.

Workers were paid in full in July for the first time in more than a year. The KRG began distributing public sector salaries in full on August 25, even before receiving the transfer from Baghdad.

The salary cuts have had a significant effect on the economy of the Kurdistan Region because of the KRG’s role as the Region’s most important employer.

(NRT Digital Media)