A Kuwaiti newspaper reveals Al-Kazemi’s program on the eve of his visit to Kuwait


Baghdad / Al-Mawred NewsThe Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai, revealed the program of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi on the eve of his visit to the State of Kuwait.The newspaper stated that, in a telephone statement it had with Al-Kazemi, he stressed that “the direct sincere and fraternal dialogue between Iraq and Kuwait is the shortest way to consolidate relations, deepen cooperation, resolve differences and build foundations for a better future.”

Al-Kazemi added, “Discussing with the political leadership in Kuwait in these circumstances is very necessary to draw a regional road map that clearly defines the changes in the region and ways to deal with them,” noting that “Kuwait has a wise vision in foreign policies based on a long legacy of experiences and good initiatives that It was successful.”
He stressed, “Kuwait’s participation in the conference will be an essential and important addition, because all the topics that the summit will discuss are Kuwait’s obsession and message for decades, that is, resolving differences by peaceful means, establishing principles of cooperation in place of conflict, consolidating the concept of sovereignty and non-interference in the affairs of others, and establishing blocs.” An economic whose first and last goal is the interests of the peoples, and to prioritize the development issue over other priorities,” stressing that “peace in the region is an internal necessity for its states.”
Regarding the files that he will discuss during his visit to Kuwait, especially those that are still pending, such as the maritime borders and compensation, Al-Kazemi said: “With Kuwait specifically, the agenda is open pages from heart to heart, and the important thing is that we have established the principle of goodwill with the principle of good neighbourliness, and most importantly, we are treating all The files are in accordance with the legal and fraternal rules that take care of the interests of both parties, to achieve rights and to remove any obstacles from the path of cooperation.”
Al-Kazemi praised the role played by the Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint committee in addressing all the files and the progress that took place on more than one level, stressing that: “Things must not be limited to addressing some outstanding issues only as important as they are, but we must expand on building on the common ones, which are many. There are opportunities for cooperation in various fields that should not be delayed, especially as we face major economic challenges.”
And he indicated that: “a stable, secure, and economically comfortable Kuwait is an Iraqi interest, and a stable, secure, and economically comfortable Iraq is a Kuwaiti interest.”
Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi’s visit to Kuwait comes days before the holding of the Regional Neighborhood Countries Conference in Baghdad, which will discuss issues of security, economy, development, environment, cooperation and partnerships.



Tueller: The situation of Iraq is different from that of Afghanistan.. There are groups that challenge sovereignty

2021.08.21 – 23:21
Tueller: The situation of Iraq is different from that of Afghanistan.. There are groups that challenge sovereignty

Baghdad – people   

The US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Tueller, confirmed, on Saturday, that the current Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, was able to restore Iraq’s relationship with neighboring countries, noting that the Iraqi situation is different from the case of Afghanistan.  

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Toler said, during a televised statement, to “Al-Hadath” channel, followed by “Nas” (August 21, 2021), that “Al-Kazemi was able to restore Iraq’s relationship with neighboring countries despite all the challenges,” noting that “the United States is aware of the importance of Iraq in the region.”  

He added, “We are in the final stages of defeating ISIS completely, and the Iraqi forces can complete the mission of the war against ISIS.”  

In the file of foreign relations, the US ambassador stressed that “we are facing an important opportunity to consolidate the relationship with Iraq, as we work with Baghdad to secure energy without relying on neighbors.”  

He pointed out that “the United States is ready to lead an international coalition to assist the Iraqi forces, especially since those forces are now able to stop hostilities against the facilities.”  

He stressed that “the Iraqi government is the one who requested the survival of our forces, as there are groups inside Iraq that challenge the sovereignty of the state,” noting that “the attack on the American embassy by some groups underestimates the Iraqi state…there are groups inside Iraq working against the Iraqis who want to build the nation.” .  

“Our mission in Iraq is different from Afghanistan,” he said.


Kurdistan sets the date for the release of employee salaries without deduction



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

Today, Saturday, the Kurdistan Regional Government has set the date for the release of employee salaries without deduction.
The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Jotiar Adel, said in a brief statement, that “it will send 200 billion dinars from Baghdad with internal revenues and outlets within two days,” stressing that “salaries will be distributed to employees on the 25th of this month without any deduction.”
Earlier, the Kurdistan Regional Government revealed the issuance of a decision by the federal government to send 200 billion dinars to the region, as part of its share under the 2021 budget.


Al-Araji and Calvert confirm the follow-up to the outcomes of the Washington Dialogue

local| 10:40 – 08/21/2021


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National Security Adviser Qassem al-Araji discussed with the commander of the international coalition, General Paul Calvert, the security situation in Iraq and the region, while they confirmed the follow-up to the outcomes of the strategic dialogue in Washington.
“We received General Calvert, the leader of @CoalitionAR, and discussed the security situation in Iraq and the region,” Al-Araji said in a tweet, which was followed by Mawazine News, stressing “the importance of continuing to fight ISIS and drying up its sources.”
He continued, “We assured him of our follow-up to the outcomes of the dialogue in Washington, especially with regard to the withdrawal of combat forces on December 31, 2021.” Ended 29/A8


The President of the Republic makes a phone call with the Emir of Qatar



Baghdad / Al-Mawred News

This evening, Saturday, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, made a phone call to the Emir of Qatar, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

The Presidency of the Republic said in a statement, “During the phone call, they discussed the common fraternal relations between the two countries and ways to strengthen them in various fields to achieve the common interests of the two brotherly peoples.”

She added, “A number of regional and international issues of common interest were also discussed, as the importance of consolidating security and stability throughout the region was emphasized.”


Going on the ‘Baghdad Summit’ conference: It will discuss important files

2021.08.21 – 20:22
Going on the 'Baghdad Summit' conference: It will discuss important files

Baghdad – people  

Representative of the Sairoon Alliance, Riyadh Al-Masoudi, said, on Saturday, that the “Baghdad Summit” will discuss important regional files, including the Iranian nuclear and water file.  

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Al-Masoudi explained in a statement to the official channel, followed by “Nass” (August 21, 2021), that “the Baghdad conference is a gateway for Iraq to take its regional and international role, as the Middle East and Iraq suffer from severe political and economic problems.”  

He added, “There are countries, unfortunately, that are trying to form trenchers and alliances with other countries, but Iraq is trying to play the role of calm.”  

He continued, “The Baghdad summit will discuss various issues, including the water file and the Iranian nuclear file, as it is not possible to extend bridges of cooperation without creating a kind of calm for the hot files in the Middle East.”


Al-Kazemi invites Japan to attend the Baghdad Summit as an observer

21.08.2021 | 17:07 GMT

Al-Kazemi invites Japan to attend the Baghdad Summit as an observer

Today, Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi invited Japan to attend the Baghdad Summit Conference at the end of this month, as an observer.

A statement by the Iraqi government stated that Al-Kazemi “received Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and his accompanying delegation, and they discussed ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation, intensify economic exchange, and joint coordination between the two countries.”

He added, “The Prime Minister stressed the importance of the Japanese experience from an Iraqi perspective, and striving to benefit from it, and indicated that the Iraqi arena has become open to Japanese investments in various fields, especially the fields of energy, oil, electricity, and alternative and renewable energies.”

According to the statement, Al-Kazemi expressed his “appreciation for the role played by Japan on regional issues, and praised the projects it finances, in the areas liberated from ISIS terrorist gangs through the path of establishing security and sustainable development in them.”

The statement indicated that “Al-Kazemi invited Japan to attend as an observer at the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, which Iraq will host at the end of this month.”

Source: RT


Baghdad secures its summit on two levels

political| 02:30 – 21/08/2021


Baghdad – Mawazine News
Informed sources said, on Saturday, that Baghdad has taken a series of measures to secure the neighboring countries conference scheduled for the end of this August.
The sources said, “The preparation for the summit is taking place politically and at the highest levels within the corridors of the government, at the same time that the Iraqi military and security services are working on developing plans for securing the summit through a series of measures inside the capital, Baghdad, and in particular the Green Zone, where the meeting place is.”
She added: “On the other hand, it is working to fortify the security situation on two levels; the first is to secure the external roads of the international coalition support convoys, which were subjected to a series of attacks with explosive devices, time bombs, and others, and the second is to continue chasing ISIS elements in their most dangerous incubator that is still stubborn.” On full insurance, which is the Tarmiyah area northwest of Baghdad. Ended 29/43


Disclosure of the date for the reopening of banking companies in Mosul

Economie| 03:32 – 08/21/2021


Nineveh – Mawazine News
Nineveh province, Najm al-Jubouri, revealed, on Saturday, the date for the reopening of banking companies in Mosul.
Nineveh Governor Najm al-Jubouri told the official news agency, “The decision to allow banking companies in the city of Mosul to carry out their work was voted on by the Council of Ministers and will be circulated to all departments of the Prime Ministry,” noting that “a month was given to the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to implement, if they did not If there is any security or legal obstacle to a section of the companies, the companies will start their work.”
He added that “the Council of Ministers voted unanimously to open banking companies in Mosul,” noting that “in Mosul, there are 72 exchange companies, and they were permanently banned from working by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Ministry of Finance due to a reservation by the National Security Advisory.”
Al-Jubouri added, “The governorate tried earlier to provide assistance and was able to obtain approval to re-work with 12 companies, provided that they deal in the Iraqi currency. Therefore, the people of Mosul are forced to travel to other places to convert foreign currency.”
He pointed out that he “suggested to the Council of Ministers that these companies open, and if there is a security concern to be resolved within a month and outside the limits of the month, all exchanges are opened”, stressing that the proposal was unanimously approved and was approved.