Al-Nusairi: The summit of leaders of neighboring countries is an important step for Iraq’s return to its desired economic position

Samir Al-Nusairimoney and business

Economy News – Baghdad

The economic and banking advisor to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Samir Al-Nusairi, confirmed that the Baghdad summit is an important step for Iraq’s return to its economic position in the region that has witnessed economic conflicts and wars for years. 

Al-Nusairi said, in his speech to “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “Iraq’s invitation to the leaders of the Arab and regional neighboring countries to attend the meetings of the upcoming conference in Baghdad in the coming days, is an important step for Iraq’s return to its political and economic position in the region that has witnessed regional political and security conflicts and economic wars for several years.” And Iraq’s attempt to open up to build balanced political, economic and security relations with brotherly and friendly countries, and in particular with the countries of the geographical region, in which the Arab depth of Iraq constitutes the basis and essence .

He added that Iraq’s invitation to the leaders and the preparation and preparation for the conference on an exceptional basis, whose upcoming convening comes shortly before the legislative elections, is a sure evidence of the new foreign relations strategy adopted by Iraq several years ago. The Iraqi Finance Ministry to set the executive procedures for implementing the memoranda of understanding between the two brotherly countries, as well as the continuation of the successive meetings between the leaders and representatives of the countries of Iraq, Egypt and Jordan and reaching important agreements on the economic level .

Al-Nusairi explained that strengthening balanced Iraqi-Arab and regional relations in all political, security and economic fields, in particular cooperation, communication, strengthening and activating banking relations among them, especially in foreign banking transactions, and stimulating and encouraging investment companies to invest in Iraq will lead to strengthening the financing and investment fields, especially reconstruction projects. liberated cities.

Al-Nusairi pointed out that the Iraqi economy is currently going through an important transitional stage, which is the strategy of leaving the crisis stage to the stage of economic stability after the elections and achieving the goal of reform and radical and comprehensive reform in all fields and after achieving a wide participation of the people in it. Especially after the wide international, regional and Arab openness to Iraq and the beginning of building new strategic relations, and that what concerns us here is the future of international economic, financial and banking relations in general and with the countries of the geographical region in particular and some Arab countries with influential economic depth and building bridges of relationship together to serve the opening of promising horizons for communication, exchange of benefits and encouragement Investing in Iraq, developing infrastructure and banking technology, increasing inter-banking transactions, and finding new ways to cooperate with the sober correspondent banks in those countries..

Al-Nusairi hinted that the recent bilateral meetings between the Central Bank of Iraq, Arab and foreign banks and representatives of the World Bank had actually yielded, which helped draw a road map for joint communication and coordination for the purpose of actually directing the implementation of the general lines reached for building and restoring economic and financial relations, as it was agreed to develop and open horizons Extensive cooperation in the economic and banking fields, correcting tracks and overcoming all obstacles that stand in the way of building sound and solid banking relations .

Al-Nusairi expected the conference to come out with important recommendations and decisions that have a clear impact on political, economic and security stability in the region and building balanced sovereign relations between Iraq and neighboring countries that will reflect positively on everyone .

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