Iraq Neighboring Countries Conference.. What are the most prominent expectations?

209 translated reports 2021/08/14 13:00
Baghdad today – translation
Later this month, the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will attempt to make peace and emerge as a mediating power in the Middle East by holding a conference focusing on regional challenges and ways to overcome them.
The idea of the conference was initially to be held with the participation of neighboring countries, but it developed into a regional conference that will include delegations from non-neighboring countries as well, where it is expected, in addition to the five neighboring countries of Iraq, the participation of a number of other countries such as France, Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and international institutions such as the European Union and the United Nations The United Nations, and Syria’s participation has not yet been determined .
The Baghdad conference marks “the first time that Iraq has taken a diplomatic initiative to de-escalate tensions in the region beyond diplomatic mediation.” Over the past few years, Iraq has sought to de-escalate tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. area to meet and address their differences in an open manner.”
The conference marks the first time that Iraq has held such an event since 1990, a step that signals “the revival of Iraq’s position as an important regional player.”
The summit, officially known as the “Iraq Neighboring Countries Conference”, is closely watched by observers and analysts in the region and beyond, because its agenda and the level of participation of regional heavyweights, particularly Iran and Saudi Arabia, will serve as a real test of whether de-escalation talks in The area, including between Tehran and Riyadh, has paid off .
Iran welcomed the Iraqi initiative. Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi described the conference in his last meeting with the Iraqi foreign minister as a “blessed step” and said that “Iran is looking at dialogue between the countries of the region in the context of addressing issues and improving relations between them, as a step towards strengthening regional security and stability. “
A senior Iraqi diplomatic source told Arab News in a report translated by (Baghdad Today), that “Saudi Arabia wants to know the level of Iranian and Turkish representation in particular, to determine whether Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will participate or not,” adding that “other countries want to The same, with Saudi Arabia welcome to participate, but so far it is not clear what kind of representation they are considering, the same is likely to be true for Qatar and the UAE, which have been at odds since 2017.
These complexities make it difficult to anticipate the events of the Baghdad conference, and the Iraqi foreign minister said that “this event will not be just an occasion to take pictures, but rather, it will be a catalyst for a greater understanding of regional challenges, and that the conference will provide an excellent atmosphere for holding a Saudi-Iranian meeting at the level of heads of participating delegations.” in the event ” .
The conference may succeed in convening a spontaneous meeting between the delegations of Tehran and Riyadh, but the Iranian-Saudi differences are so deep that it is unlikely that the opportunity of one session will resolve them, however, such a meeting can serve as a prelude to other meetings .
Iran and Saudi Arabia have already been holding talks in Iraq since April, but all of these meetings were held behind closed doors, and even Iran’s invitation to Saudi Arabia for a major inauguration failed to get the two rivals to announce their talks. This may be due to Saudi Arabia’s unwillingness to take the first step toward Iran. That the Baghdad conference would provide both sides with a neutral venue and also break the ice

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